Revv up your Erotic Energy! 

Last Thursday, I shared with you one of my secrets to living a succulent turned on life- Kissing Consciously and Passionately.  I hope you are having fun exploring and playing with the amazing and delicious energy of kissing. It can truly light the fire within you in so many decadent and juicy ways. Today, I would love to share with you a sensuous exercise that will light your fire even more! This is one sure way to let your Mistress of pleasure to lead the way. For this decadent play time, I suggest you set aside 30 min. or more if you like.  As the pleasure mistress, I suggest you take the lead and then invite our partner to return the favour on a different night where you will be bathe in deliciousness. 

Conscious & Passionate kissing – Secret # 1 to Succulent living 

Beautiful One, I am so excited to share with you my first secret to living a turned on life ~ conscious and passionate KISSING!  I love, love, love kissing and I am a big proponent of encouraging couples to consciously and passionately kiss each other every single day. Repeat as often as you wish! It truly helps to keep your love tank full and revving on high! In my experience, I have heard many people - men and women share that they rarely kiss their partners. Most of them are in a long term relationship. This baffles me and saddens me deeply for when one chooses to disconnect in this way, I believe this slowly begins to erode the relationship and can make one feel like they are living with a roommate rather than with a passionate and engaged partner. Life is meant to be pleasurable and joyful. To keep things hot, sizzling and spicy, each partner must consciously choose to continuously invest in their relationship. At times,  one of you may need to lead for a little while until balance is restored within the relationship. 

Passion – Dare to Explore! 

I hope you’ve had a fabulous summer! Mine has been filled with many rich moments as well as some difficult moments; celebrating a daughter’s wedding to the love her life to my hubby’s car being stolen from our driveway and all kinds of things in between! I am learning to ride the waves with greater love and connecting with the blessings in all moments. Each day a gift to be celebrated no matter what showed up! Our life is precious and priceless. Sharing, spreading, being Love is our only purpose. All the rest is icing on the cake! 

Gratitude Love Project 

It’s been a while since I’ve last touch base with you. I hope that all is well with you. I thank you for your patience,understanding and your continued loyalty. For me, December is a time of reflection as the year is quickly coming to a close. Amidst this busy festive season, I encourage you to carve out some quite time just for you to reflect on the gifts, the blessings and the lessons of this past year. When we are busy running the treadmill of life, it is so easy to forget all that has transpired during the year. Perhaps, for some of you it’s been a year filled with personal challenges. I do believe that there is light and gifts in these challenges and I invite you to look for the good in all of it....there is always a thread of hope, of light....change how you see things and your life will change!

Dare to say yes to your dreams? 

Happy Summer to you! It’s been a while since we have touched base. I hope that you are doing well. Many have asked about my book...first and foremost, thank you for asking and touching base via email. Your thoughtfulness, kindness and your support means the world to me. Know that I am here to support you in your greatness. 

Reclaim your sexual diva! 

This morning, the Ottawa Citizen reported a story on that the race is on to market the pill to treat sexual dysfunction in women. in this article, the following Sharo Kirkey reports the following: a pill that purpots to make a woman's brain more sensitive to sexual cues has emerged as the newest front-runner ......the stakes are enormous : Studies Show up to a third of women report problems with sexual desire and arousal.

Let’s talk about sex! 

Recently, I've read a book  called the Heart and Soul of  Sex by Dr Gina Ogden. Dr. Gina is a sex therapist and a researcher and has worked with thousands of women over the years. This beautiful book is in part a celebration for women. It messages are essenatially about helping us understand and embrace that our sexual experiences encompasses so much more than what happens in the bedroom. As Dr Gina states " It can affect our whole experience - and can become a powerful path to growth and healing". over the course of the next few weeks, I will be sharing quotes from her book with the hope to begin, continue the conversation with regards to embracing and celebrating our beautiful sensual/sexual selves. Perhaps,  I will share things that will be new to you. I invite you then, to simply open up your heart and mind to explore the new thoughts coming your way....make up your own mind and opinions with regards to the things I share. Maybe you will agree, and maybe you will disagree...Whether or not we agree is not important, what is important is the conversation we are having .....perhaps some of the thoughts ,ideas , suggestions, will come up and rub against some pretty big limiting beliefs or stories you either told yourself or have been told by others. if this comes up, I send you a high five, because there is a perfect opportunity for you to grow if you so choose to. Here is what I know, if something knew I read or come across creates a strong emotion within me, I so know to pay attention to that because something within me was triggered. I then say yes, bring it I can delve into my well of wisdom, and discover what the truth is for me. So here we go...."our fast-lane culture sexualizes everything from beer to Barbie, but it doesn't yet acknowledge the core power of sexual connection; its ability to transform our lives.  The national conversation about sex trivalizes women's most meaningful experiences. Sexual slang reduces us to body parts." The media plays a big part in conveying these messages to the world. Whether you are looking at a magazine, watching TV or a movie, or concerts, many things have been it any wonder that many of us women question how we measure up...body wise, performance wise etc...I don't know about you, but my body surely does not look like anything I have seen in magazines or on TV...for the longest time, I had felt so inadequate where out there in the mainstream of media, was there a woman out there that had my shape. Also, why is it that it's ok to always show women in scantilly clad clothes in many commercials.....often when advertising the sale of alcohol...yes, men may buy because of what they see on TV...but I look at that and go really....what's with that? who created this? and honestly, does the beer really taste better because a girl with short shorts and a scantilly top appears in the commercial. We have been hypnotized , everyone of us. This messages are not helping us to create positive healthy messages about sexuality. You are literally bombarded every day with thousands of messages about how to show up in the world, many of them have overly sexualized women.....yet , many of us are unwilling to have a healty conversation about sex in a positive light. I have been trying lately to simply initiate conversations in different ways, the reactions I have received have been so diverse and most....don't want to talk about we watch it often in a multitude of different ways, yet we are uanble to have healthy positive conversations....Sex is still very much a taboo and or sensitive subject for many.....Why is that? yet, sex is the most natural thing that is out there...something that touches each and every couple relationship...though you don't have to be in a relationship to bask in your sexual power. This week, I shared with a male acquaintance that I was going to a sexuality conference in this is a conference hosted by the American Association of Sexuality for Counselors, Educators and Therepist (AASECT) ....the first reaction was  slight discomfort , followed by a laugh..then a comment...well I am guy you you know where my thoughts went to!  I was initiall stunned but in the end not really surprised...he is a ' product'of our cultural environment.....The sassy girl within me says to myself....ARE YOU FOR REAL? ARE WE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL?..Many times, it still feels that way for me! The thing is that this conference is not a sex show nor a  sex club. It's a vehicle for educating, for conversations for those working in the field of sexuality. What a different conversation we could have had, had he simply asked what kinds of topics are being covered at the show? what inspired you to go? was an awkward filled moment....Sadly, we still have a long way to go to change the messages out there! When I mentioned it to my girlfriends, they are excited for me and wish they had the time available to be in Miami...They are interested in the various topics...yes , we have some fun with the topics...but we are also willing to explore and learn. Sex or women for that matter are not meant to be conquered.....Men and women do view our sexual experiences differently...It's time to start having more open healthy conversations about positive sexuality! The sexualization of women in the media  is not helpful whatsover to creating positive and healthy conversations about sex!    

Dare you embrace your sexual diva? 

Sexuality is a topic often see as provocative and many times as taboo. Why is that?  We are often bombarded with messages in the media about sex....commercials created with scantily clad women in the hopes this will seduce a potential buyer into buying their product. Does it work, my guess is yes. however, what message are we really sending out there in the world? Have any of you stopped to really think about it? it's not simply about selling alchohol or something other fancy toy, in some way, we objectify women.. furthermore, often, many women feel uncomfortable with their bodies as a result because they feel that they do not look like the women on TV. I so understand some way, it happens slowly over time....we are hypnotized by the messages we view in the media....hypnotized because it is often repeated and makes it way into your subconscious mind and somewhere within there a story gets created about your body not looking like the ones you have been seeing on TV, in magazines, in adds......Your body looks different  because it's uniquely yours! I believe the creators of these media messages are partially  responsible for this epidemic we are experiencing that of body dislike, body rejection.....There's been an increase in cosmetic surgeries over the last several years, there are countless diets being advertised in various media forms telling us in one way or another that we need to lose that weight etc. These messages are repeated to us several times a day in several different it any wonder that many women have a hard time accepting thier bodies for what they are....a sacred vessel of love and light! How we feel abour our bodies will most likely impact how you choose to show up in the bedroom. I have heard recently from friends and clients, that many undress in the dark and do not want their partners to see them in the nude under the spotlight. They have said in their own unique way that they do not like parts of their bodies. I looked at these women whom most of them are thin....i want to say it does not matter what size you are, many are not comfortable with the body they have. They choose to hide rather than embrace and celebrate their beautiful bodies. does this impact in the bedroom? I say yes, because they are not free to express who they are...they are holding back in some way...because of shame, because of limited beliefs stories etc. Do you not desire to simply be fully free to express yourself fully and completely just as you are so that you may experience more sexual bliss? I bet you if you asked your partner about how he/she sees your body, they do not see what you see......they likely only see beauty. for example, the other day , my man shared with me that he loved my stretch marked that blessed my body during my first pregnancy 26 years ago ...he said that they were incredibly beautiful and that these marks of beauty are a symbol of the miracle of life that I gave birth to.....I have to admit I never quite saw my stretch marks as such....I learned long ago to embrace them for they were an innate part of my "new"body so to speak..the one after pregnancy, but for the longest time before then, I did not like them because I thought they were scraggly marks showing up on my body that took away from it's innate beauty....not so, I learned...they are an intricate part of the beauty of my body...they are love marks given to me as a gift in accepting to give life to a beautiful little human being!   My beautiful ones, embrace and love your body fully and completely.....let your inner sexual diva come to life in her own unique way.

You are beautiful no matter what they say! 

hello lovely ones today's blog has been inspired by a moment that I witnessed last evening while watching So You Think You Can Dance!  for those of you who may not be aware of the premise of the show, it provides an opportunity for youth to show off their dancing skills and hopefuly make it to the top 20 ...then the top 10 on the show. Most dance styles are covered in this reality show which usually airs spring/summer. The dancers are judged for their talents and may move forward in the competition if the judges agree to letting them move forth....then when it gets to the top 10 america has a voice in who gets to stay or go.  Last night panel of judges included Minnie Driver , an actress. One of the contestants showed off his talents and then it came time for the judges comments. Before the judges provided their feedback, this young man looks at Minnie Driver and says can I say something to you. Of course , she replies. This young man filled with emotion and passion looks at her and says you are so beautiful. Minnie driver graciously says thank you and goes on to tell him he can say that as much as he wishes. WOW! what a beautiful moment to witness on TV. She was basking in her beauty with grace and gratitude. She was not arrogant by any means. She graciously accepted the compliment and said in her own way, I welcome it.  How many of you would be comfortable doing the same?  Would you be tempted to downplay it or deny it, or pretend you never heard it? According to a Dove study conducted in 2011, it concluded that only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful! Only 4%!  I was so sad when I read this. Why is it in our society that women have such a hard time embracing and loving themselves? Why is it that they do not consider themselves beautiful? yes, beauty for me is in the eye of the beholder...but I truly do believe that each and everyone of us is beautiful in our own unique way. Honestly, if you move beyond the physical aspect of it all, it's truly what is on the inside that matters most. Beauty is an inside job...not an outside job! It is my belief that when you love yourself fully and completely just as you are, that truly radiates outwardly ....your light as I like to call it...that is what radiates's your light that people are attracted to! Thank you to Minnie Driver for embracing your beauty and demonstrating to us women that yes, it's ok to accept and bask in these kinds of compliments. More of us need to do it....what a different world it would be if we did..... Ladies bask in your inner beauty......let it shine thru your spirit, your being...and watch yourself show up differently in the world! Take the time to celebrate that you are ....yes...a beautiful matter what others say, don't say or think! you my beautiful one get to choose how you feel and how you would like to show up in the world!

Winds are changing 

good morning the winds are changing and life once again is bringing forth some new life experiences. Though when these show up, many of us experience so many different emotions. It's ok to feel the emotions , all of them. we do not have to hide behind them. In our culture , I find many have been conditioned to not feel and express all of the emotions. Many choose to express only the good feelings so to speak , like joy, excitement, happiness, etc...Many though choose to put a cap on sadness, loneliness, anger etc. there are many awesome tools to help us express those deep emotions.....I just so happen to use my journal as a place to escape and to simply be with my amazing beautiful self. my journal is in fact one of my very best friends. It's where I choose to let it rip. I am raw and's incredibly powerful to do so for me. The winds of change are upon me. Honestly, they have been for some time. I will admit a big part of me resisted to simply be with the was easier to dig my feet in and try to stay in place. Have any of you experienced this? digging in your feet deeper into the dirt so to speak rather than to be limber and let the wind flow through bend, to curve, to simply stand still at times....that for me is the hardest, standing still for I always want to be on the move, doing somethign, creating something etc. This weekend, I had a reading with  a local intuitive who gently reminded me  that my resistance which is showing up as worry and fear. She further went on to share that these were slowing down my process of manifesting! She clearly stated it was not stopping what was in motion, it had simply slowed it down. At that moment, my inner light bulb went on and I knew what she stated was right. furthermore, what am I worried about? really? I chose to surrender my life to God to be in service to the whole. Why am I worried about what God may do? If I don't trust God then who the heck will I trust on this journey of mine. I got caught up in worry and fear because things were showing up on my timeline and in the way I thought they should. a little selfish some may say...yup...I call it being human and trying to break through all the levels of conditioning i've been subjected to since coming to this planet we call earth. You see, earth is a school for us humans to learn , grow and evolve. there are really no mistakes per say, yet there can be long detours, missed paths etc. what I have come to know on my journey is that spirit is relentless in its mission and if you are aware, and open, Spirit will always find a way to bring you back on track. Know that on your side trips, there are gifts, lessons to be learned and cherised. There are no mistakes, simply detours along the way. The winds of change are upon me and I am choosing to trust God. I do not know exactly where I am going , though I have shared my heart's desire with God and I know that I am being guided every step of the way. I let go of the resistance for it has not been working well with me at all....I choose to have faith in my dreams and trust that I am always guided and never alone. I am being taken care of in ways that are different than what I asked for....I am being taken care of, that is all that matters. how it shows up is so not important. it s simply important to recognize, acknowledge and give thanks.   the love in me honours the love in you!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach