Conscious & Passionate kissing – Secret # 1 to Succulent living

Beautiful One,

I am so excited to share with you my first secret to living a turned on life ~ conscious and passionate KISSING! 

I love, love, love kissing and I am a big proponent of encouraging couples to consciously and passionately kiss each other every single day. Repeat as often as you wish! It truly helps to keep your love tank full and revving on high! In my experience, I have heard many people - men and women share that they rarely kiss their partners. Most of them are in a long term relationship. This baffles me and saddens me deeply for when one chooses to disconnect in this way, I believe this slowly begins to erode the relationship and can make one feel like they are living with a roommate rather than with a passionate and engaged partner. Life is meant to be pleasurable and joyful. To keep things hot, sizzling and spicy, each partner must consciously choose to continuously invest in their relationship. At times,  one of you may need to lead for a little while until balance is restored within the relationship. 

Kissing is such a beautiful, intimate and sensuous thing we can share with a partner. It can bring us such great pleasure and ignite the fire within! Deep intimate kissing can truly make us feel alive!  I also believe that our kiss can say so much about us and/or about our partner if we simply tune in and remain present in the moment. There are all kinds of kisses and I highly encourage you to play and explore to see what turns you on. For many people, kissing can take the form of healing when  they are not feeling well or perhaps, they simply need that little extra boost to perk them up.

Conscious and passionate kissing means you are fully present with your partner in that moment in time and not thinking about your to do list or how stressed you are or where to from here. It means you take the time to intentionally connect with your partner’s eyes, and his/her heart as you choose to pleasure each other with your tongues and mouth. Be present and get lost in the pleasure!

Kissing has many benefits:

  • boost your immunity
  • ignite the eroticism between the two of you
  • it promotes pleasure
  • fun and playful
  • ramp up your feelings of sexiness and fabulousness
  • make you feel wanted and desirous
  • is can create deeper intimacy between you and loved one
  • strengthen your relationship
  • keeps your facial muscles strong (researchers concluded that we use 30 facial muscles in a french kiss) many delicious benefits to kissing!

This week, I Dare you to unleash your inner mistress as you embrace the art of  kissing more consciously and passionately! Most of all, simply have fun!

You are worthy and deserving of living a turned on life!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach