Reclaim your sexual diva!

This morning, the Ottawa Citizen reported a story on that the race is on to market the pill to treat sexual dysfunction in women. in this article, the following Sharo Kirkey reports the following: a pill that purpots to make a woman's brain more sensitive to sexual cues has emerged as the newest front-runner ......the stakes are enormous : Studies Show up to a third of women report problems with sexual desire and arousal.

This is great news though I would say we have to be mindful. can everything be solved by a pill? I do not believe so...though it a pill has been known to solve many issues along the way. I know there are always exceptions to everything. In my early forties, I remember going to my family doctor and telling her that I had low sexual desire. At that time, I was really busy building a career in the public service...stressed and tired. It's not fun having to admit to a doctor that your va va va voom for sex has got up and gone! Sexuality is at the core of our being and to voice that your va va voom has got up and gone takes lots of courage. Nothing was done at that time. I mean nothing, no testing of hormones, to chatting about what's up in my life etc. Fast forward a few years, I feel the same way....when I say low desire, this is what it meant for me: I wanted to make love with my man yet, it was an effort on some days and I don't know why because I truly love him and I am attracted to him;  I had little sexual thoughts and or fantasies ...I honestly couldn't care less about sex on any given day. did i like feeling this way? Absolutely not! In my 20's  and thirties, I felt vibrantly alive sexually so why is this happening now. I felt less than and I could not find solutions....I tried the medical route....I did the natural supplement thing, I did the bio chemical thing etc....none of these produced the results I was hoping for. I mean none. Here's another interesting part that I became aware of recently, all of the medical practitioners that I communicated with, tested my hormones. The results would come back and they would say , well your hormones are in the normal zones...some seem a little out of whack but your in the normal zone. What the chit do you mean they are in the normal zone? and why do I feel this way if my hormones are in the normal zone?

Here's is what I discovered recently in reading a few of the books by Dr Gina Ogden, a sex therapist. In her books, she reminds us that we are sexual beings and that we are to celebrate this fact. Men and women alike are to celebrate that we are born sexual beings. Then she reminds us that sex is not just something we do's a gift, a way to express ourselves. SEx is connected to our mind, body and spirit..Ah..I said, it's not just about the body....really? why is it that our medical profession seems to only focus on the body. Though it's an important component, it's not the only one! thank god for that...I read that and I finally felt normal and that there was nothing wrong with me. I had to take some time to explore what was my sexual story and how it has impacted me. She reminded me that our mind is our biggest sexual what I am feeding that mind of mine? limited thoughts , stories and beliefs or am I feeding it with positive thoughts etc....Spirit...that connectingwith spirit brings it all together....Sexual energy is in essence vital energy that feeds us......that energizes our bodies....

Of course there is so much more that I can say....for today, though I leave you with this thought...You are a sexual being and it's time to celebrate that...if by chance you feel that you are suffering with low sexual desire and have gone through the hormonal testing and have not gotten the results you desire...may I suggest you start exploring what your thoughts, ideas, beliefs are about sex, may very well be surprised by what gems you will discover..this may well unleash your sexual diva that lies within you! Connecting these dots, have totally changed my life ...more deliciousness shall I say!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach