Revv up your Erotic Energy!

Last Thursday, I shared with you one of my secrets to living a succulent turned on life- Kissing Consciously and Passionately.  I hope you are having fun exploring and playing with the amazing and delicious energy of kissing. It can truly light the fire within you in so many decadent and juicy ways. Today, I would love to share with you a sensuous exercise that will light your fire even more! This is one sure way to let your Mistress of pleasure to lead the way. For this decadent play time, I suggest you set aside 30 min. or more if you like.  As the pleasure mistress, I suggest you take the lead and then invite our partner to return the favour on a different night where you will be bathe in deliciousness.  Now, it’s time to set the mood in your pleasure temple. Choose a place where you know you will not be interrupted. It can be anywhere in your home. Light some candles, dim the lights, and put on some of your favourite slow or erotic music. Invite your partner to sit in a comfortable chair or lay comfortably in your bed. As for what you choose to wear, totally up to you. Perhaps you will choose to wear something revealing or you will choose to sit in the nude while your partner is fully dressed. That will drive him/her wild. Perhaps you will choose to wear one of your sexy , fabulous dresses-. In essence, choose to wear what makes you feel fabulous and sexy. One last small detail, tell him/her in a fun and seductive way that they are not allowed to touch!!! This increase the erotic play /pleasure. It is so much fun to tease them!  Remember this little decadent moment is all about them receiving this delightful gift from you! Make your way over to your partner. Invite him/her to close their eyes and to leave them closed for the duration of this little pleasure session. No peaking allowed! I then Invite you to both take a few deep breaths and intentionally connect with your heart centres and with each other’s heart centres. The intention for this play time  is to simply get lost in pleasuring.  I now invite you to take your luscious lips and begin kissing ever so softly your partner’s face, throat and ears. I double dare you to stay in this space for a minimum of 30 minutes. Take it slow. Long, slow, lingering kisses. Soft, gentle, wet, tongue, lips….kiss every inch of your partner’s face …feel free to use your hands if you wish..remember the focus is to make luscious love to your partner’s face. As the mistress of pleasure, I invite you to be fully present on how it feels for you to be giving pleasure to your partner. How do your lips feel on his/her cheek? How does your tongue feel when it is licking his /her lips, eyelids etc. What are the sensations in your body? What are you feeling? Can you feel your erotic engine sizzling up? Have fun getting lost in the deliciousness of the moment and unleash the Mistress of pleasure!


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach