Divination tools 

In November I attended the I Can Do It conference held in Tampa. At this wonderful event, I purchased some oracle decks which I was guided to pick up. I so love them. I picked up the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms created by Colette Baron-Reid and The Psychic Tarot by John Holland. Both are amazing decks and can assist you by providing you guidance and insights with respects to all areas of your life. I have been using these decks daily since purchasing them. I am in awe of their accuracy and how insightful they are. They assist me to go in deeper and to become more fully aware of what is unfolding in my life. These decks are wonderful and powerful tools that are available to you for a minimal investment. Best of all they are fun too. There are a mixture of messages and some times when the message shared is not what we were hoping for or seeking. At that time,  we have a tendency to cringe, or may even want to keep drawing another card with the hope that we may get the answer we were hoping for. The cards provide the insights and guidance you need not what you want. Learn to embrace all cards no matter what the message may be for they are giving you insight into the depths of you. are you willing to explore? to see what may come your way? to see what is trying to emerge from within you? The oracle decks have been designed to assist you with connecting to the flow of the Divine synchronicity. The cards will reflect the issues that relate to your life that you may or may not be aware of. The cards will help you to make choices that are in line with your greatest and highest good.

Accepting responsibility 

Accepting responsibility for our actions, our inactions , our words, our thoughts, our fears is important. We have all been given an opportunity to create a most amazing life. Every moment of every day, each of us, has been presented with so many choices. Some choices are better for us others may be considered less than desirable. Though it is through this process that we can learn so much about ourselves and others. The world of duality is good for it is my belief that it assists us with our learning, with our soul's evolution. We are here to learn, to grow, to evolve. We can choose to learn or we can choose to sit and watch the world go by. My preference is to dig in and learn all that I can. Though I do know it's not the favoured route by many. Most would like to stay under their blanket and wish that whatever has stirred up will blow away or simply find another pit stop. I also strive to find a balance between learning and allowing things to unfold as they are meant to.

Following our hearts 

Why does it seem so difficult for us to follow our hearts? is it because we have a hard time hearing its whispers? is it because we are afraid that we will not be supported by our loved ones? Ar we afraid of rejection?  The other day a friend of mine called me to share that he was thinking of changing the direction of his career. His heart has been telling him for some time now that it is time to move forth and try something new. Yet, when he consulted with loved ones and dear friends, the reactions were a mixed bag of goods. Some suggested he stay right where he is for the current job pays well, the benefits are good, the workings hours are ok and it what he knows well. Also, he has done quite well in this job. Rewarded with pay increases and some promotions along the way. Yet, this dream of his keeps calling him.

Trusting your intuition 

Intuition is a six sense we all have, however, many of us choose not to acknowledge it or even recognize that we have it. Why? Not really sure. One of the reasons may be that we don't recognize what intuition looks or feels like.  In my experience, what I have come to realize is that is so individualistic.  We all receive messages in so many different ways. It is for the most part really subtle and at other times may show up as a loud voice which may or may not sound like your own. Earlier this year, I had been working with a spiritual teacher. We worked together for a number of years. However, this little feeling kept creeping in and telling me it was time to move forth. Time to do my own thing....time to find a new teacher. I sat on this one for months and sought the services of other intuitives to see if they could validate what I was feeling. Of course, I received lots of very valuable information during those readings yet they would not tell how to proceed for it would have interfered with my freedom to choose. It may have also interfered with a possible lesson I was meant to learn.

I want to know what love is 

Yesterday, this beautiful song was playing on the radio while I was heading to an appointment.  I have heard this song so many times over the years, yet , yesterday it sounded different and the lyrics drew me in like a spell. The words of this song really resonated with me. why today? why now? what message is there for me in this? I do believe my guides were trying to get my attention as they often do with songs. This is one of the many ways my guides have chosen to communicate messages to me with regards to things going on in my life.  When I got home, I browsed the web to find the lyrics to this song and I must say they so resonated with me. I knew in that moment that I would choose to make this song my intention for the month of December. I put it out there in the universe, to God, to source  that I want to know what love is.

Choose love, not fear 

I was in Tampa last week at the I Can Do It Conference - a Hay House Event that brings together many of their authors to share their wisdom with us. At the conference, I met some my mentors/ teachers who spoke on topics that really resonated with me.  What really made an impact on me was the opportunity to meet some new friends with whom I had some amazing spiritual conversations.  I am still pondering some of those conversations and the insights I obtained. It's amazing what the universe will conspire to share with you or send your way when you are opened to the opportunity.  Over the course of this amazing weekend, the main message that I left with is: why choose to live your life from a place of fear when you can choose to live your life from a place of love.

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach