You are beautiful no matter what they say!

hello lovely ones

today's blog has been inspired by a moment that I witnessed last evening while watching So You Think You Can Dance!  for those of you who may not be aware of the premise of the show, it provides an opportunity for youth to show off their dancing skills and hopefuly make it to the top 20 ...then the top 10 on the show. Most dance styles are covered in this reality show which usually airs spring/summer. The dancers are judged for their talents and may move forward in the competition if the judges agree to letting them move forth....then when it gets to the top 10 america has a voice in who gets to stay or go.  Last night panel of judges included Minnie Driver , an actress.

One of the contestants showed off his talents and then it came time for the judges comments. Before the judges provided their feedback, this young man looks at Minnie Driver and says can I say something to you. Of course , she replies. This young man filled with emotion and passion looks at her and says you are so beautiful. Minnie driver graciously says thank you and goes on to tell him he can say that as much as he wishes. WOW! what a beautiful moment to witness on TV. She was basking in her beauty with grace and gratitude. She was not arrogant by any means. She graciously accepted the compliment and said in her own way, I welcome it.  How many of you would be comfortable doing the same?  Would you be tempted to downplay it or deny it, or pretend you never heard it?

According to a Dove study conducted in 2011, it concluded that only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful! Only 4%!  I was so sad when I read this. Why is it in our society that women have such a hard time embracing and loving themselves? Why is it that they do not consider themselves beautiful? yes, beauty for me is in the eye of the beholder...but I truly do believe that each and everyone of us is beautiful in our own unique way. Honestly, if you move beyond the physical aspect of it all, it's truly what is on the inside that matters most. Beauty is an inside job...not an outside job! It is my belief that when you love yourself fully and completely just as you are, that truly radiates outwardly ....your light as I like to call it...that is what radiates's your light that people are attracted to!

Thank you to Minnie Driver for embracing your beauty and demonstrating to us women that yes, it's ok to accept and bask in these kinds of compliments. More of us need to do it....what a different world it would be if we did.....

Ladies bask in your inner beauty......let it shine thru your spirit, your being...and watch yourself show up differently in the world!

Take the time to celebrate that you are ....yes...a beautiful matter what others say, don't say or think! you my beautiful one get to choose how you feel and how you would like to show up in the world!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach