A little about me

My life is a book of short stories filled with curious tales of a quenchless thirst of the soul and disconnection to my inner voice and wisdom. For many years, my unhealed childhood sexual trauma was like a swift undercurrent running the script of my life that wreaked havoc within myself and many of my relationships. This unhealed trauma was unforgiving in her quest to be heard and acknowledged with deep self-love and radical self-compassion. For you see, for much of my life I unconsciously acted like I was a damsel in distress seeking to be rescued by Prince Charming. When I realized that I was the only one who could rescue myself from the carnage of deep hurt and betrayal, everything changed. Armed with courage, imagination and curiosity, I began to look with tender love and deep compassion at the parts of me that I had discarded like dirty trash. Self-acceptance was the balm of choice that helped me to begin to heal these parts I had abandoned along the way. Embracing myself as whole rather than broken shifted everything in my life.

I am devoted to reclaiming innocence, playfulness and magic in my life by unearthing my soul's essence through sacred creative practices (painting, writing, free flow movement).

I am deeply passionate about consciously cultivating union between my soul self and my human self. I am a unique expression of the divine.

The gift of Intuitive Art

Sacred Intuitive art (painting, creative writing, dance) became my medicine of choice as it available any time of day or night, free for the taking and relentless in her giving.  Over the years, this sacred painting practice has taken on many different faces but at the centre of it all  was my devotion to unearth more love within and around myself.

For me, Sacred Intuitive Art has been a deep journey of communion with the mystery and of wisdom gathering with my inner authority. In the sacred space of my heart, I gave a voice to images for which I had no words as I lavishly, lovingly and compassionately tended to my heart. Each brushstroke a mending and a weaving of unconditional love.  This was a sacred and forgiving practice where I could explore freely, courageously and wildly with the vast inner landscape of my heart. With each brushstroke, free flow of the scribbling of words, and/or free movement I was giving a voice to the stories hidden in the boroughs of my being.  With each creative expression I came home to more of myself. This coming home to outrageous enoughness is a practice, a love affair of the fiercest kind, with invited me over and over again to choose love because in the dark spaces of the landscape of the heart lurks the shadow self that contains all of the parts of you that have been unloved, exiled, shamed, blamed, ignored, and/or closeted.  Also hiding in the dark unlit spaces of your inner landscapes are innate gifts waiting to be discovered by you so that your authentic true self may continue to rise, unfold and blossom

I courageously made the choice to heal, to come home again and again to the sensuous, deep loving, wise, and creative woman that I am. I know with every fibre of my beautiful and vast being that this kind of healing is here for everyone who desires to transform their suffering into delicious morsels of creativity and love. Please know that this concept of healing ourselves is not a far reaching concept nor an impossibility. The power to heal and to transform our stories is right here within each of us, right now. This truth has been within us all along. What is needed is a commitment to practice self- love and self-compassion. Be forewarned though that this practice will be messy at times and it may bring us to our knees drenched in tears but I do know is that this messy unfolding is the innate beauty of the process of transformation of suffering into joy and peacefulness.


  • Intentional Creativity Teacher - Colour of Woman - Shiloh Sophia (2017)
  • Expressive Arts Facilitator- Level 1- Prairie Institute Of Expressive Arts Therapy ( 2016)
  • Women's Temple Facilitator - Awakening Women Institute (2019)
  • Plus, an abundance of art classes and other healing modalities (Reiki, IET etc)

Dare to Wake-up your Innate Creative Healing Power 

Diane a Sacred Intuitive Artist & Spiritual Coach invites you to consciously commune with the endless beauty and gifts of Divine Feminine through the process of sacred intuitive painting. The wisdom path of the feminine will lead you home, to your true grounded self, if you dare to accept her invite, she will transform your life into a delicious buffet of pure scrumptiousness! 

Are you ready to paint yourself home?

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Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

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