Passion – Dare to Explore!

I hope you’ve had a fabulous summer! Mine has been filled with many rich moments as well as some difficult moments; celebrating a daughter’s wedding to the love her life to my hubby’s car being stolen from our driveway and all kinds of things in between! I am learning to ride the waves with greater love and connecting with the blessings in all moments. Each day a gift to be celebrated no matter what showed up! Our life is precious and priceless. Sharing, spreading, being Love is our only purpose. All the rest is icing on the cake! 

It’s official- I am now a certified Professional Sex Coach. A journey that I embarked on 14 months ago! What led me there was a deep desire to fix my low libido issues which I had experienced for several years. I had tried the medical route and found no solutions that resonated with me. Why? All medical practitioners focused on the physical aspect of my life! Not one dared to look at the full picture of what may have been going on. Sex Coach U taught me to look at the whole of me: mind, body/behaviour, emotions, spirit and energy. Ahh…finally, a tool that had a comprehensive outlook! A truly refreshing change to say the least! and one that spoke directly to my heart! I saw a gleam of hope amidst it all!

I learned that desire is deeply complicated and it involves all the parts of you, not just your body. I had to take a good hard look at my limiting beliefs about sex, the myths, the stories I had created or heard along the way. I had to look at the whole of my life. Will I chose to make sex and my relationship with my hubby a priority in my life or will I just continue to meander my way through and continue to feel like I am dysfunctional?  I chose to dig in and muck through the mud. Ah, what a blessing in my life. In the midst of it all, I became deeply passionate about sexuality, especially women’s sexuality. I went in looking for solutions, knowing there were many other women experiencing something similar in their lives and like me, not sure where to turn to for solutions. What I found was a new love and passion. One is never to old to discover new passions along the way.

I am deeply passionate about helping women to explore, discover and embrace the spectrum of the feminine essence, specifically, sensuality, spirituality and sexuality. Our femininity as well as our sexuality, desire and passion are our birthrights that are meant to be celebrated in our own authentic way. If this is something that you may wish to explore, I invite you to call me or email me to book your  FREE 15 min Goddess Discovery Session.

In your inbox next week is the beginning of delicious and pleasure filled journey where I will share with you weekly tips on leading a succulent turned on life. I have created 99 Succulent Secrets to help you live a juicier and pleasure filled life. Let pleasure lead the way! Tell your friend stress and your itty bitty shitty committee to take a hike!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach