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Diane is an engaging, charismatic and inspirational speaker who will happily customize a keynote speech or workshop to meet your organizational needs.  She specializes in inspiring and empowering women to WAKE-UP to their feminine power, to PLAY Full out rather than coast and to BLOSSOM into the fabulous, and powerful woman they dream of becoming.

Diane is on the cutting edge of creating a new, dynamic and powerful movement where as a culture we celebrate and embrace the qualities of the feminine energy as a way of life. Imagine a world led with love, spirituality, intuition, collaboration, creativity, sensuality, conscious sexuality just to name a few. Imagine a world where women and men are sought equally because of their brilliance. Imagine a world where religion is inclusive rather than excluding people due to the stark rules religious institutes choose to lead and abide by.  Imagine a world where we grant equal power and say to intuition as we do to facts.

Today, many women are leading very busy and often very stressful lives.  Many often choosing to forego sex as well as intimate moments with their Beloved because they are exhausted and have so little left in their tank.  Who can blame them really….so much to do and so little time.   Many women are unhappy and are suffering with depression, burn out, anxiety or a miryad of other ailments. Women are also often afraid to Say Something because they fear their voice will be quashed for it has been quashed for a myriad of years. What I know is that women are seeking to lead deep meaningful, and purposeful lives where they feel like they are making a difference and contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Diane believes that the key to changing all of this is to tap in and dance consciously to the divine feminine on a daily basis. Her animated talks, workshops and events are infused with creavity, insights, bold truths, as well as experiential exercises.  Her vivaciousness and zest for life are infused into all that she does.  She purposefully engages her audience as she believes it is a great way for them to learn and to begin embodying the messages.

Seeking a fun, dynamic and charismatic speaker for your next event?   Explore the possibilities with Diane at 613-270-0267 or  send her an email to


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach