Winds are changing

good morning the winds are changing and life once again is bringing forth some new life experiences. Though when these show up, many of us experience so many different emotions. It’s ok to feel the emotions , all of them. we do not have to hide behind them. In our culture , I find many have been conditioned to not feel and express all of the emotions. Many choose to express only the good feelings so to speak , like joy, excitement, happiness, etc…Many though choose to put a cap on sadness, loneliness, anger etc. there are many awesome tools to help us express those deep emotions…..I just so happen to use my journal as a place to escape and to simply be with my amazing beautiful self. my journal is in fact one of my very best friends. It’s where I choose to let it rip. I am raw and vulnerable…it’s incredibly powerful to do so for me. The winds of change are upon me. Honestly, they have been for some time. I will admit a big part of me resisted to simply be with the wind….it was easier to dig my feet in and try to stay in place. Have any of you experienced this? digging in your feet deeper into the dirt so to speak rather than to be limber and let the wind flow through you…to bend, to curve, to simply stand still at times….that for me is the hardest, standing still for I always want to be on the move, doing somethign, creating something etc. This weekend, I had a reading with  a local intuitive who gently reminded me  that my resistance which is showing up as worry and fear. She further went on to share that these were slowing down my process of manifesting! She clearly stated it was not stopping what was in motion, it had simply slowed it down. At that moment, my inner light bulb went on and I knew what she stated was right. furthermore, what am I worried about? really? I chose to surrender my life to God to be in service to the whole. Why am I worried about what God may do? If I don’t trust God then who the heck will I trust on this journey of mine. I got caught up in worry and fear because things were showing up on my timeline and in the way I thought they should. a little selfish some may say…yup…I call it being human and trying to break through all the levels of conditioning i’ve been subjected to since coming to this planet we call earth. You see, earth is a school for us humans to learn , grow and evolve. there are really no mistakes per say, yet there can be long detours, missed paths etc. what I have come to know on my journey is that spirit is relentless in its mission and if you are aware, and open, Spirit will always find a way to bring you back on track. Know that on your side trips, there are gifts, lessons to be learned and cherised. There are no mistakes, simply detours along the way. The winds of change are upon me and I am choosing to trust God. I do not know exactly where I am going , though I have shared my heart’s desire with God and I know that I am being guided every step of the way. I let go of the resistance for it has not been working well with me at all….I choose to have faith in my dreams and trust that I am always guided and never alone. I am being taken care of in ways that are different than what I asked for….I am being taken care of, that is all that matters. how it shows up is so not important. it s simply important to recognize, acknowledge and give thanks.   the love in me honours the love in you!


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach