Gratitude Love Project

It’s been a while since I’ve last touch base with you. I hope that all is well with you. I thank you for your patience,understanding and your continued loyalty. For me, December is a time of reflection as the year is quickly coming to a close. Amidst this busy festive season, I encourage you to carve out some quite time just for you to reflect on the gifts, the blessings and the lessons of this past year. When we are busy running the treadmill of life, it is so easy to forget all that has transpired during the year. Perhaps, for some of you it’s been a year filled with personal challenges. I do believe that there is light and gifts in these challenges and I invite you to look for the good in all of it….there is always a thread of hope, of light….change how you see things and your life will change! An attitude of gratitude is one of the most precious and priceless gifts that will change your life. Do you actively engage in an attitude of gratitude, even when things are tough? Many years ago, I chose to create a daily practice of gratitude in my life. It changed my life in so many delicious and decadent ways. It helps you focus on all of the many fabulous things and people in your life. You will feel amazing. You will feel uplifted. It will boost your inner light so that you may glow more radiantly! At the beginning of the year, I was inspired to create what I call my Love Project. Each night before I go to sleep, I write in a journal dedicated to my Beloved husband to whom I have been married to for 29 years. Before I make my way to slumber land, I reflect on my day and my interactions with my Beloved. I share with him morsels of love and gratitude. My writings include the range of human expression. Most of all, I try to have some fun with it. Each day I consciously choose to celebrate him and our love in this journal, even when I have been away traveling. I have only missed one day! I excitedly look forward to this sacred time where I get to focus on him and our relationship. No matter how tired I am or what may have transpired between us during the day, I sit quietly and put my loving, kind and appreciative thoughts in this journal. Many of us lead very busy lives and it is so easy to forget what is important to us. We get lost in our daily routine of work, children, errands, home, finances…our tank often feeling emptied at the end of the day. Many times, our relationship with our Beloved gets the biggest hit of all, Though, I would garner my best guess that in the beginning, you couldn’t get enough of each other. This love project provides you a fabulous opportunity to rekindle that hot and spicy flame which was ignited in the beginning! When I started this love project, little did I know that he too would take time daily to celebrate me and our marriage. All of this without asking or whispering a word to him! Little did I know that our love would grow deeper and stronger. Little did I know that we would turn up the love flame in relationship to a spicier level! I also realized how deeply connected we are when at times, miles apart, we would share similar thoughts of love and kindness. He knows daily how much I love, cherish and appreciate him. Our couple intimacy has sky rocketed to blissful levels. The journal intentionally gets me to reflect on the great things in our relationship. Each night, I look for the amazing things to give thanks for. Each day I get to relish in the bountiful love that we have the opportunity to create in our relationship. Each day I am showered with love in so many different ways. The love project continues to help me to open my heart wider and wider so that I may receive love in all of its myriad of colours and flavours. The love I share with my Beloved is simply one of the many flavours of love that continues to bless my life. Take time this festive season to reflect on the many gifts and blessings of this past year. Take time to create a daily practice of gratitude. Have loads of fun with it. Make it your own! Start your very own love project. Make it what you desire! I encourage those of you who are single to create your own dynamic love project. Perhaps, you will share it with another or will be inspired to share love with a community project or maybe you will choose today to create a mad and crazy love affair with yourself! I know a crazy thought to say the least but a fun and fascinating project if you ask me! Let your creative genius lead the way! Be a beacon of love on this journey we call life! May love and joy tickle your being, Diane


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach