Dare to say yes to your dreams?

Happy Summer to you!

It’s been a while since we have touched base. I hope that you are doing well.

Many have asked about my book...first and foremost, thank you for asking and touching base via email. Your thoughtfulness, kindness and your support means the world to me. Know that I am here to support you in your greatness. 

My book is moving along organically and in case you are curious in knowing what I am writing about, I am writing about my personal sexual healing journey. It’s a beautiful, powerful and poignant story of the power to heal so that we can embrace our beautiful sexual selves and find our unique way to express it.  This book is the foundation for my life’s work: empowering women to embrace their sexuality through spiritual practices. Spirit has been guiding this journey for many years now....it’s only recently that I have chosen to accept my life’s mission. I resisted my calling for a long time for so many various reasons: first I said to God, well it’s my story...why do I want to share my story...there are so many stories out there....why share mine in such a public way...no small task by the way....certainly when we dig into our closets and pull out some of the stuff we don’t like .....however, this stuff is my life and I have learned to come home to myself ....bearing it all. Secondly, I was trapped in fear....sound familiar to anyone. here our life is calling us...here God had answered my prayer....and I well, said to God, are you for real! I m not doing that! Why me? I said to God, I believe you called the wrong number!  You see, I had been asking God for guidance, insights as to my life calling. It came and for a moment, I dare to say no to God because it didn’t come in the package I was I thought I was going to get!

I share this because I am on a journey  just like you ...I am a student and a teacher. I chose to let go of the resistance and step forth with a resounding YES. If I dare to be honest with you, I have no clue where this new adventure will  lead but I am curious, daring and bold enough to find out ...and to play with God.  God (spirit) is with us always and providing us clues. Are you awake enough to see the clues? Will you dare to see the clue through even if you have no idea what is around the corner?

Since I have said yes....I was led to take a professional coaching course at Sex Coach U where I am currently in the process of becoming a certified professional Sex Coach. So I am busy learning a new language, that of sexuality.  It’s been lots of fun and has certainly expanded my knowledge and awareness as to the field of human sexuality! I am loving every bit of it! Can’t wait to share my knowledge with you!

Coming this fall will be new workshops geared towards helping women integrate sexuality and spirituality into all aspect of their life.

One last thing, Yes, I am still seeing clients for intuitive readings/ intuitive coaching sessions . I love being of service to you.  An intuitive reading is much like a spiritual check up, check in....what’s working for you...what’s not working for you ....your blind spots...all with the purpose of supporting your greatness and the evolution of your soul!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach