Intuitive Readings

An intuitive reading with Diane will provide you with insights, guidance, and/or confirmation that may assist you with your journey. Diane’s warm and compassionate personality holds a sacred space for you to ask the questions that you have been pondering.  Diane is truly gifted at facilitating a conversation between you and your spiritual team (angels, spirit guides, your infinite self as well as deceased loved ones).  Diane will share these messages in a most honest and loving way. The sharing of messages may well touch on topics that only your innermost self knows.

Diane’s intuitive readings are most often interactive, meaning she may engage you in the reading by asking you some deep thought provoking questions. This is a way her divine team engages you in going deeper within your own process.

Who seeks a reading and why?

People from all walks of life are seeking answers to some of their life questions. Diane provides a safe and sacred place to explore these questions in a judgement free environment.

Perhaps you are seeking:

  • Clarity on personal or business matters
  • Guidance on relationships with their significant others, friends, family, co-workers
  • Feel somewhat stuck and are seeking some guidance as to next steps
  • Ways to rediscover /reconnect with yourself because somewhere along the way…life got in the way so to speak and you have a deep desire to plug back in and feel alive!

A great reading will

  • Provide you with clarity and insights
  • Confirm what you already know deep within
  • Provide you with great tips/tools to assist you on your life’s journey

During a reading, much info will be shared with you….valuable insights, guidance, direction and/or tools to assist you with your life path. The Universe provides us with a most amazing and precious gift – that of free will. As beings of free will, you have the power and the ability to create your desired life.

You have the freedom to choose what feels best for you. Lots of information comes to you within the hour. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take your time to sit with the information received, to reflect, and see what truly resonates with you. You are your own best authority in your life. Deep within, you know the truth. So if something shared with you does not resonate, do not try to force it in any way. I simply suggest you park the info…let it go…..

The information obtained during a reading is to help you navigate your path. You are free to choose what to do with the info. You are responsible for your life and the choices you make. The information shared is guidance, insights and is not a replacement for the opinions/services of professionals (medical, lawyers, accountants etc).

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach