Dare you embrace your sexual diva?

Sexuality is a topic often see as provocative and many times as taboo. Why is that?  We are often bombarded with messages in the media about sex....commercials created with scantily clad women in the hopes this will seduce a potential buyer into buying their product. Does it work, my guess is yes. however, what message are we really sending out there in the world? Have any of you stopped to really think about it? it's not simply about selling alchohol or something other fancy toy, in some way, we objectify women.. furthermore, often, many women feel uncomfortable with their bodies as a result because they feel that they do not look like the women on TV. I so understand this.....in some way, it happens slowly over time....we are hypnotized by the messages we view in the media....hypnotized because it is often repeated and makes it way into your subconscious mind and somewhere within there a story gets created about your body not looking like the ones you have been seeing on TV, in magazines, in adds......Your body looks different  because it's uniquely yours!

I believe the creators of these media messages are partially  responsible for this epidemic we are experiencing that of body dislike, body rejection.....There's been an increase in cosmetic surgeries over the last several years, there are countless diets being advertised in various media forms telling us in one way or another that we need to lose that weight etc. These messages are repeated to us several times a day in several different ways....is it any wonder that many women have a hard time accepting thier bodies for what they are....a sacred vessel of love and light!

How we feel abour our bodies will most likely impact how you choose to show up in the bedroom. I have heard recently from friends and clients, that many undress in the dark and do not want their partners to see them in the nude under the spotlight. They have said in their own unique way that they do not like parts of their bodies. I looked at these women whom most of them are thin....i want to say it does not matter what size you are, many are not comfortable with the body they have. They choose to hide rather than embrace and celebrate their beautiful bodies. does this impact in the bedroom? I say yes, because they are not free to express who they are...they are holding back in some way...because of shame, because of limited beliefs stories etc. Do you not desire to simply be fully free to express yourself fully and completely just as you are so that you may experience more sexual bliss? I bet you if you asked your partner about how he/she sees your body, they do not see what you see......they likely only see beauty. for example, the other day , my man shared with me that he loved my stretch marked that blessed my body during my first pregnancy 26 years ago ...he said that they were incredibly beautiful and that these marks of beauty are a symbol of the miracle of life that I gave birth to.....I have to admit I never quite saw my stretch marks as such....I learned long ago to embrace them for they were an innate part of my "new"body so to speak..the one after pregnancy, but for the longest time before then, I did not like them because I thought they were scraggly marks showing up on my body that took away from it's innate beauty....not so, I learned...they are an intricate part of the beauty of my body...they are love marks given to me as a gift in accepting to give life to a beautiful little human being!


My beautiful ones, embrace and love your body fully and completely.....let your inner sexual diva come to life in her own unique way.

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach