Sex Coaching

Sex Coaching is the promotion of sexual wholeness and wellness. It helps you to explore and discover your authentic sexual expression in a judgement free and deeply compassionate environment. Sex Coaching is NOT therapy.

Diane works primarily with women and /or couples who are experiencing sexual concerns or are seeking to enhance their sex life.

Diane uses and embodies a holistic approach in her coaching practice. Meaning, that  she will explore with you the mind, body, heart and spirit connection as it pertains to your sexuality. She wholeheartedly believes they are all connected and thus must be explored as a whole rather than separate.  Using the ISIS (integrating sexuality and spirituality ) wheel (created by Gina Ogden)  she will help you to explore this interconnectedness by having you commune and interact with the ISIS wheel in a sacred space.  Her passion is conscious sexuality; helping you shift from a performance base model to a pleasure base model.

Sex Coaching is a fluid process and centered in the present moment.  Together, you will co-create a personalized creative action plan that is in alignment with you.

Sex Coaching empowers you to make the changes you desire.  She will share with you tips, tools, information and strategies that will help you move forward on your path with the utmost confidence. The coaching process is very much collaborative, educational, creative and experiential infused with a dose of spirituality.

Dear beautiful one, YOU were born a sexual being! It’s your divine birthright to embrace and celebrate this in your own unique way! Sexual energy is, in essence, your life force and it fuels all aspects of your life!

Are you experiencing one or more of the following concerns:

  • discomfort with your body and /or its appearance
  • it’s been a while since you had sex with your partner
  • you have lost that loving feeling and sex with your partner is no longer fun – it’s a chore!
  • have difficulty asking for what you want and desire
  • longing to experience an orgasm but never have
  • are filled with shame and guilt where sex is concerned and want to let it go once and for all
  • unsure about your sexual identity
  • yearning for more sex in your relationship, however, your partner is fine with things as they are
  • seeking deeper intimacy and connection with your partner
  • experiencing low sexual desire/low libido
  • desire to reconnect with passion and are unsure how to do so
  • caught up in the disease of self-doubt and it’s impacting how you are showing up or not showing up in the bedroom
  • you are holding back from fully expressing your sexual self
  • experiencing other sexual issues and unsure where to turn to for help

Just so you know

It is totally normal to experience one or many of these concerns along your sexual journey. Though it would seem that our society talks openly about sex, it is very much a taboo subject for many. Many people are filled with shame and guilt as it pertains to their sexual thoughts, beliefs, feelings and expression. Many people lead incredibly hectic lives and the first thing to go is sex and the last thing to come back onto the plate is sex. Truly sad if you thing about it! There was a time where you simply couldn’t wait to create those lustful moments with your partner. What I do know for sure is that YOU can reignite that spark if you so desire to! The choice is yours!

Sex Coaching is truly a powerful way to explore what is holding you back or blocking you sexually. Living as roommates is not a solution though it is one that is very common in our world today. There is a high percentage of couples whom are living in a sexless marriage and have accepted on some level that this way of being is ok.   Diane’s belief is that if you consciously choose to shut off the sexual tap or turn down the volume on your sexual energy you are consciously shutting off the tap to your creative life force.

Sex Coaching with a qualified individual can truly be a deeply rewarding and a healing experience. You deserve to bask in the deliciousness and the juiciness of your authentic sexual being.


  • Discovering, embracing and celebrating your authentic sexual expression
  • Better understanding of who you are as a sexual being
  • Healing your sexual story (limiting beliefs, negative body image etc)
  • Understanding of what is going on and tools to help you navigate your path to sexual wellness
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Increase pleasure
  • Strengthened connection to  your sensuality
  • Embracing and discovering a pleasure model for your relationship

 I’m Interested! What’s next?

Call or email Diane to book a 15 min discovery session where you will have an opportunity to ask your questions and to determine if Diane is the right coach for you.

Once your session is booked and confirmed, you will be invited to complete a comprehensive sexual history. This is a truly powerful exercise on its own and provides ample of information that will help Diane create a powerful healing process for you.

Diane believes that everyone and everything is energy. During your coaching sessions, Diane may obtain information that is revealed at the energetic levels. She will share this with you so that it can be released and healed. As Reiki Master, she infuses all sessions energetically with healing energy.

In Diane’s toolbox: 

Deeply compassionate, Diane will create and hold a sacred space for you to explore your desires, needs and/or concerns.

Diane is a powerhouse for sexual healing and will use her intuitive and healing abilities to get to the core of your issue(s) within a short period of time. This will provide guidance and insights for your coaching sessions.

ISIS wheel a dynamic and interactive tool created to help you explore, heal your sexual stories while celebrating the magnificent being that you are. It encompasses all aspects of the whole person: mind, body, emotions(heart), spirit as well as energy.

Empowering sexual health and wellness through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that accesses the unconscious mind to release old patterns and develop new ones allowing you to move forward into a greater sexual health and wellness.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Reiki Master and Kundalini Reiki Master.

Expressive arts

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach