Trusting your intuition

Intuition is a six sense we all have, however, many of us choose not to acknowledge it or even recognize that we have it. Why? Not really sure. One of the reasons may be that we don’t recognize what intuition looks or feels like.  In my experience, what I have come to realize is that is so individualistic.  We all receive messages in so many different ways. It is for the most part really subtle and at other times may show up as a loud voice which may or may not sound like your own. Earlier this year, I had been working with a spiritual teacher. We worked together for a number of years. However, this little feeling kept creeping in and telling me it was time to move forth. Time to do my own thing….time to find a new teacher. I sat on this one for months and sought the services of other intuitives to see if they could validate what I was feeling. Of course, I received lots of very valuable information during those readings yet they would not tell how to proceed for it would have interfered with my freedom to choose. It may have also interfered with a possible lesson I was meant to learn. The freedom to choose is a very precious and valuable gift we have received from God, the universe , source or whatever name you choose to call it.  For months I chose not to take action for a multitude of reasons. What will this person think? How will they feel? how do I tell this person that the teachings no longer resonate with me that I feel it’s time to move forth? I kept playing the latter over and over again in my head and of course I did not take action for I stayed immobolized in my own fears. Fears of rejection, fear of hurting another, fear of what if this is a mistake , and a fear of missing out on something. Will my success be delayed by this choice I am pondering? in the meantime, my heart knew really knew it was time for me to move forth. So one day I strummed up the courage to follow my intuition and chose to end this teacher/student relationship that had been established a few years ago. Though it was not easy and though I will admit that I did mess up in how I went about the whole thing, it was the best thing for me. I feel so free. I feel like I have broken away from the chains that held me back- my thoughts and my fears. I had kept myself there no one else did. My intuition had long known it was time to move forth. I simply chose to ignore it because of my limited beliefs and fears. Trust that your heart does know what is best for you. it truly really does. How does one recognize it….one must become mindfully aware of themselves in all aspect of their lives. One must get to know themselves really well. How many of you take the time to get to know you ture self versus the time you invest in getting to know a new friend or a potential significant other in your life? Is it a balanced perspective or is it slightly skewed? Getting to know you , getting to recognized your intuition and trusting it will bring you huge rewards and can potentially changed your life in ways you would not have thought of. My life has profoundly changed and I am forever grateful for reconnecting with my intuitive sense and for the journey of self- exploration.


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach