Choose love, not fear

I was in Tampa last week at the I Can Do It Conference - a Hay House Event that brings together many of their authors to share their wisdom with us. At the conference, I met some my mentors/ teachers who spoke on topics that really resonated with me.  What really made an impact on me was the opportunity to meet some new friends with whom I had some amazing spiritual conversations.  I am still pondering some of those conversations and the insights I obtained. It's amazing what the universe will conspire to share with you or send your way when you are opened to the opportunity.  Over the course of this amazing weekend, the main message that I left with is: why choose to live your life from a place of fear when you can choose to live your life from a place of love. Though each author whom spoke has their area of expertise, the same message was relayed over and over again. I love it when spirit uses these moments to teach us what we need most at this time in our lives. Choosing love rather than fear feels so much better and it is so empowering. Though I must say choosing love in the midst of a difficult conversation when a loved oned is yelling at you takes patience, practice and perseverance. Should you be faced with one of these moments, take a deep breath and remember that they are sharing their pain with you in this moment. Choose to embrace them in their vulnerable moment and keep this place of love and acceptance for them. This will be mutually beneficial for both parties and will certainly feel more peaceful, more harmonious than jumping on the band wagon of yelling . For yelling in my experience creates only pain for those involved. Choose Love ! Why not  let its magical powers work itself into every fabric of your life.

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach