Following our hearts

Why does it seem so difficult for us to follow our hearts? is it because we have a hard time hearing its whispers? is it because we are afraid that we will not be supported by our loved ones? Ar we afraid of rejection?  The other day a friend of mine called me to share that he was thinking of changing the direction of his career. His heart has been telling him for some time now that it is time to move forth and try something new. Yet, when he consulted with loved ones and dear friends, the reactions were a mixed bag of goods. Some suggested he stay right where he is for the current job pays well, the benefits are good, the workings hours are ok and it what he knows well. Also, he has done quite well in this job. Rewarded with pay increases and some promotions along the way. Yet, this dream of his keeps calling him.  it's subtle, very subtle and it has been there for such a long time. Something tells him that there is more for him. Something that will feed his creativity, his passion yet he hesitates and ponders on the following:  how do I leave all that I know behind me to pursue a long cherised dream of mine? What will my family and friends think of me? Have I lost my marbles? Do I choose to play it safe? If I choose to play it safe, who wins? are there any winners? Comforts feels good. change is uncomfortable for many though if you really think about, nothing remains constant in our lives. Life is ever evolving, ever changing. furthermore, there are no guarantees in life. We really have no control over anything in our lives. For in an instant, life as we know it can change. I said to my friend, how does it feel when you think of pursuing your dream versus staying in your current job? Very different feelings emerged. Firstly, with the current job, its a feeling of comfort, of security, of knowing I have done all I can here. I know it well and I can do it in my sleep. It's a feeling of knowing I have succeeded and done well but my spirit feels trapped. When I think of pursuing my dream job, I am filled with hope, with excitement, with possibilities. My friend also admitted feeling scared but it was a good kind of scared. It's like feel the fear and do it anyway kind of thing. I suggested to my friend to take some time to reflect, to not seek any outside guidance for within him lies the answer. The rumblings from the outside will most likely talk him out of it as the people he will speak about his dream, will share from their scary place found within themselves. These same people will colour their insights with their fears, their personal life experiences. I am not saying to not seek outside feedback/insights. What I am saying is to be fully aware that when you seek insights/guidance from others that it will be coloured by their personality, by their life experiences, by their thoughts etc. Listen, see what resonates with you. See if you can see beyond their fears, beyond their limited beliefs. Can you park their fears at the door and see what is truly being said beneath it all. It is so important to go forth and find ways to nurture our spirit each and every day. It's so important to have dreams, to nourish our dreams and to see them through. For who would like to live a life of regret? Not I! I want to live a full, vibrant life filled with love, with joy, with passion. When the end of my life comes, I want to know that I ventured forth with my dreams and that I gave it a good try rather than sitting there filled with regret for not ever having the courage to even try. will you have the courage to follow your dreams? will you have the strength to go forth even though others may not fully support you in your choice? Follow the whispers of your heart for it always knows the way.

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach