What do you see in the mirror?

Yesterday, I met with one of my mentors who is helping me to step into my power as a business woman. the last 5 years or so has surely been a most interesting journey of ebbs and flows , of questioning , of questing, of great learning. I have met some incredible people whom have changed my life and many of them the clients whom I have the honour to serve  on their journey of self- love!  One of the best jobs, I could possibly have! I love witnessing the light bulb moments and the transformations! It is so incredibly rewarding! As I was sitting there yesterday with this beautiful friend of  mine, and we were bouncing different ideas around….she said, Diane have you ever taken the time to stop and see, ponder on  who you have chosen to surround yourself with…in your inner circle that is. Um…well, yes and no…I’m now thinking there’s a moment of teaching at hand….though I do give thanks for all of my blessings daily, some times, I do not break it down into the little morsels of deliciousness. for you see, I have a small circle of core girlfriends in my inner circle….each of them unique, incredibly beautiful and gifted in their own respective ways. Each of them successful in their businesses…Um…this fabulous friend of mine then dares to remind me that I am surrounded by grounded, confident, strong, loving and very successful women…could they be a reflection of you in any way? Silence…. funny thing is that I so know this….I teach it, I do my best to embody it…some times, I, much like you need to be reminded to look at my life, to take stock …to take a really good look within and give deep thanks….it also reminded me to embrace and celebrate that I  am unique, incredibly beautiful, gifted and very successful! All of the qualities of a Goddess…yes, the goddess in indeed present in me each and every moment of each day! So I ask you, what is it that you see in another that you love and admire? Know with all of your being that these amazing qualities that you love and admire in another is also within you otherwise, you would not be able to recognize it! Let your fabulous self radiate rays of love and joy today as you continue to bask in your amazing goddess self!  


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach