Trust dear one Trust!

a few weeks ago, I booked a writing week away in the EAstern Township....I was planning on going there for the March break. Writing at home has proven to be quite a challenge on a good day...the phone rings, emails etc....though I must say I , at times, my work on disciplining myself a little better..that I won't deny. it's a little harder when you are at home and it requires me to be more vigilant to say the least.  I called the Inn and booked the week as well as blocked the time off in my calendar.

a few days ago, I got this feeling, a really strong feeling,  that I was to cancel this week at the Inn. I looked over the cancellation policy and I was well within the time frame to cancel with minimum penalty. I took the steps to cancel the reservations. all went well. I sit there, and say to my spirit what?  I don't know...what I do know is that I am meant to take that time to focus on writing my book. in my way, I thought, well I will set myself to write from my downtown office that week. Chatted with my hubby on how to make it happen so that I didn't have to worry about the homefront. He is by biggest fan and supports me in all that I do. I go on my merry way, simply being and having let go of the idea.

this morning , I wake up with the inspiration to look into a weekend course in Ojai California that I had been eyeing for some time now. the weekend is being held in the middle of march. Um...I said to spirit is this where I am meant to be for the week or so. You see, at the beginning of the year I had said wouldn't be awesome if I could head out there for a week or so, write...then participate in the weekend and make my way home a few days later. My head talked me out of it for 100 different reasons. it has a tendency to do so sometimes. as I pondered momentarily the message I had received, I said to spirit, if I am truly meant to be there, please help me find a way to make it affordable. I call the travel agent to find out if we can use the air miles that were on the account....weeks before when I was speaking with her on something else, she said Diane if really desires to use the air miles, one must book at least 6 months ahead if not a year ahead, depending on the destination. As I called her, I am praying and asked spirit to find a seat for the dates I was requesting. A few hours later, and the seats were booked....decent flight patterns and times. Wow....I said to spirit continuously amaze me with how things unfold . thank you .

I booked the flight, reserve my spot for the women's intensive weekend...and simply awaiting my confirmation for accommodations. all of this to say, TRUST your guidance that the mystery of the universe is working on your behalf. I didn't know why I had to cancel my first reservation...I simply chose to trust. I remember my husband asking me why did you change your mind, I replied, i was guided to do so and I honestly don't know why. Today, I was guided to take a different route; to book a different location to write my book with a bonus of attending a powerful dynamic weekend created especially for women! The goddess way is heart led and heart inspired. it's not always a straight road and requires that you trust yourself, and trust the guidance you are receiving. the women's intensive weekend for all about embracing and stepping more and more into my is my hope to share this experience with you when I come home...create a weekend here to share with all of the beautiful goddess that are unable to make it to California!

the goddess in me salutes the goddess in you!



your goddess coach

daring you to be yourself!




Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach