The unsung heroes

Today, take a moment to recognize the unsung heroes that go about their life every day, yet make significant contributions in their own ways. Though their actions may seem insignificant to many, they do, in my view strengthen the connection to the whole- raising the vibration of our planet by infusing love each and every step of the way. They may not get the opportunity to be on stage like many actors, speakers, artists etc or have a popular TV show to share their story, yet they are on the big stage of the whole, holding a loving space for each of us to embrace our inner greatness. As they let their light shine brightly they provide us with the opportunity to let our light shine. Share your gifts with the world in your own unique ways! A stage is not necessary nor required. Only a willingness to make a difference and the courage to see it through while trusting you will be led to the right place, the right moment, the perfect opportunities that are yours and yours alone. We are all a part of the whole, how will you choose to contribute and let your light shine? If you know an unsung heroe in your life,  I would love to hear their story. Send your magnificient story to Blessings to you!


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach