The Quest of the Bohemian Enchantress

Released and unleashed from her genie bottle, the Bohemian Enchantress awakes and blossoms. She is so ready to dazzle the world with her potent magic. Thousands of years in the making, she is finally free to her wild potent self.

She is over the moon excited to be on this quest as she dares to dive in deep exploring her inner world with paint, canvas, brushes, pens, poetry, dance and the written word. She is transformed by their potent magic and shares this powerful alchemical brew and fragrance with thousands and thousands of women worldwide. She finally claims her artist self in ways she had never dared to and that feels so incredibly liberating .

On her quest, she comes face to face with the intrinsic powerful love of the divine feminine and quickly falls head over hills in love with the divine feminine. This love is deep that has totally transformed the Bohemian Enchantress from the inside out. Her heart a sprouting fountain of blessings and love. Her fragrance so potent it draws people in as they are memorized by the spell of unconditional love. Deeply changed by the experience , she thus chooses to become a powerful devotee of the divine feminine and dedicates her life to sharing her messages. She is a sacred vessel for powerful potent work in her world. It’s a lifelong celebration and her heart is dancing feverishly as pleasure spreads it wings and takes flights into the most magical places.

The Bohemian Enchantress shares her souls calling with the world in her own unique and sacred way. As she continues to unearth its mystery she discovers more luscious treasures and gifts she didn’t know were there. She bursts into a happy dances letting pleasure have its way with her, all of her. Her joy is so contagious that she sets the world ablaze with it.
She is dazzling, wise, radiant and powerful. She dares to use her powers of seduction in her own charismatic way sharing her potent teachings, discoveries, her compassionate heart, paint brushes, canvas’ , dance and the written world . A spell is cast and more and more women awaken to their brilliant potency of the goddess that lives within them. This is such a blissful orgasmic experience for everyone that the world explodes with pleasure, colour, joy and so much love. The Bohemian Enchantress is setting the world on fire as she continues to feverishly ignite the fire in others making the world is a little bit brighter. The Bohemian Enchantress gives great thanks to the divine feminine for her continued blessings, support and love for without her, this would not be possible.

The Bohemian Enchantress forever curious engages wholeheartedly her curiosity as she explores and experiments with the potency of the healing benefits of the creative arts , the connection of the arts to the heart, all the while unleashing our sexual and sensual powerful selves. This powerful elixir has been hidden way too long and it is finally returning with grace to women worldwide as they embrace this part of themselves with exuberance. She is curious to know if the Yoni is a door to more revelations for women? Can more “forbidden” pleasures be discovered through this door? She is bold and brave. Her courage leads her to the most fascinating places. And, Oh the fun she has along the way…new adventures, much laughter, joyful exciting new discoveries . She is beyond excited that she has finally found her soul tribe of women who she loves and adores and whom love and adore her in return. She is the gatherer of many. Her world is filled with loads and loads of celebrations and gatherings as well as quiet moments by the sea for soul replenishment..finally, a soft place to fall where she can be herself.

I am this powerful, bold, potent, sexy, unapologetic Bohemian Enchantress who dares and willingly casts her spells of radiant love onto the world. The world as she currently knows it will never be the same and for that she is deeply grateful. Excitement, pleasure, ecstasy, blissfulness and curiosity are my constant companions on my daring, wild and salacious adventures . I am finally free to be me and that feels so damn good…. a spiritual orgasm in the making…oh yes…oh yes, oh yes….more please!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach