speaking your truth

well, as I was browsing my facebook page, I was stunned and taken back by an entry I found on my news feed. This person chose to express her hurt feelings in this public domain in a manner which, in my view, was inappropriate. Is Facebook or places like Twitter really the place to share our hurt feelings with another? I really don't think so. Many people get to see these messages. Though they may not be intended for you, the words are now in the public domain. You cannot take them back. Also, you've  just sent out  a rocket of desire out there in the universe to attract very similar situations to you. The feelings behind this particular message were so strong . It went out there full force. We must all be mindful as to what we send out there for it affects us all. Hurt feelings or not, really think about your intentions before going forth in such a public way.  If this message was to be directed to you, how would you feel? Have we, in today's world,  forgotten how to treat another human being? Is is really ok to use public domains like Facebook to express ourselves in this manner? I don't believe that this was the intent behind the creation of a social tool like Facebook.

Though another may have hurt our feelings, we must remember, that all times we are responsible for our feelings and how we choose to respond to that other person. You are entitled to your feelings and it is important to acknowledge them and not sucked them up for that in the end only creates dis -ease.  In my experience, hurt feelings are an indication that a button within has been pushed. This then provides us with an opportunity to go within and see what needs to be explored and healed. Are you willing to go within and seek the answers. You are responsible for all of your choices. The gift of free will was given to all of us. So choose wisely and remember to be true to you in all that you do.

I would like to take a moment to share a few tips that have helped me along my journey. They really do work and I have experienced miracles in my own life as a result. Be prepared to fall along the way. It will happen. In those moments, bring your awareness back to yourself, be gentle with self (try to refrain using derogatory terms towards self), pick up your pieces and move forth. Take responsibility and make amends where you need to make amends. Sometimes, it means that you may have to take the first step in setting things right in the universe. it's not about asking whydoes it always have to be me. my question to you, why not you?

Some tips:

  1. Learn to love yourself. Sharing, spreading nasty messages online about another speaks volume as to how you feel about yourself.
  2. When your buttons have been pushed, stop - take a few deep breaths (3) and ask yourself what would love to now? would my choice of action make it worse or better?
  3. Set healthy boundaries for you and for your relationship. Public domains is not the place to air your dirty laundry.  Honour and respect yourself and the other person involved. 
  4. Speak your truth with confidence and love. One does not need to tear a piece off another to  get their point across. Strum up your courage while proceeding with respect and integrity at all times.
  5. Forgiveness is key. Forgiveness is about letting go of all those things/thoughts that keep you imprisoned within.
  6. Accept responsibility for your choices and make amends. It may mean sending a note of forgiveness to another without getting any response back from them. It's not about getting a response. It's about setting things right in the universal mind of God.
  7. Sit quietly with self and explore within what button was activated so that you can choose differently next time.

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach