Speak your truth with Love

hello beautiful ones

the universe provides ample opportunities for growth ...recently, I hired a friend to help me out with some research and administration tasks that I just could not seem to get too. however, these are an important element of my business. When we are solopreneurs, it is often a challenge to balance all of the tasks, activities, functions and more times, than not ,certain things tend to fall by the wayside for me. I was inspired by Spirit a few weeks ago to chat with a dear friend of mine to see if she would be interested in helping me out a few hours each week. She graciously accepted the invite.

a few weeks have gone by, and I have yet to delegate some tasks. though my wheels have been spinning as I try to discern what I want her to help me out with. some of things, I thought about , was why not help me out with a few upcoming events. I extended the invite to her. Miscommunication ensued over the course of the last week between us. It' s neither good or bad, it just is. As a situation arose on Monday, I was wondering how to navigate this situation. you see in the past, I would have been angry and would have likely have said things that may have hurt her and our friendship. I knew this about me. So I chose to sit with it for a few days. Saying to myself, this is an opportunity of growth for me. what do I say? how do I say it? also, in the past, one of my patterns was to say things via email and hide behind the screen...it felt safer there for me though often things were misunderstood because put it plainly, people read into emails according to how they see the world. so the message often got lost , misunderstood, and/or misinterpreted. So picking up the phone, was out of my comfort box. Now listen, I have no problems talking and filling air time. that is easy for me to do. however, sharing how I feel about something that did not go as I thought it would is not always easy for me.

walking the way of the Goddess, it is to embrace everything with love. to simply be aware that there could be one thousand different reasons for what unfolded. Breathe love into, ask, explore and see what lies beneath. In walking the Goddess way, speaking with love, and tenderness gets greater results than standing in the position, but I must be right , therefore.....In walking the Goddess way, standing in our power with love and looking for solutions that work best for the overall good of all...that serves humanity. In walking the Goddess way, there are times where she must stand truly in her power in a stronger way and make choices that may impact another which they may perceive as hurtful. As a Goddess , my intention, is to come from a place of love always and to serve human kind.

All of this to stay, as I walked the Goddess way  today in this situation, all unfolded beautifully and got resolved. we both took the time to explore our feelings and what we needed from each other in order to make this work beautifully and seemlessly. Love is truly the way...the next time you are faced with a difficult situation...take a few deep breaths, connect with your heart center and ask your infinite self as well as the universe to help you find a loving solution to the situation. be patient...and trust, the answer will come. it always comes. it's not on your time but that of the timing of the universe.  Speaking your truth will set you free! try it some day...you may just like it...it truly does become easier with each and every breath....step

The goddess in me salutes and honours the goddess within you.


your goddess coach








Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach