Soulful Stories


Day 18 - my journey with Color of Woman

With a cup of delicious tea in hand I began my day with reading the prayer I wrote yesterday. It is so yummy to read a prayer that you have created from your heart.  Part of my daily spiritual cafe, I often will choose to read a book, poem or creativity magazine. Today I began to read:  A Call To Action  Women, Religion, Violence and Power by Jimmy Carter. He is truly an remarkable and inspiring man who is actively advocating for women globally.  He inspires me to play a bigger game and to get to know my heart better so that I may find my place amidst it all. I believe there is ample room to make a difference in the world. 

Fridays are studio days for me. A play day. Yes, I decided early this year that my Fridays are play days for me. It is so freeing to do so. Today, I set my heart on creating my soulful stories oracle deck. It was the first time I have ever made such a deck. Each day I am falling more and more in love with intentional creativity . I have used oracle decks for years as a means to connect with spirit guides and to help me guide my path.  To be totally honest, I had never thought of creating my own deck. It always seemed easier to buy one than to make my own. I have loads of oracle decks in my cupboards. So when the invite came in from Color of Woman to crate our own deck, I was all for it though I had little idea what would come of it. Let me tell you it is such a gratifying experience make your own oracle deck. There is no comparison to buying one. This experience was truly transformational for me.

In Soulful Stories, the name of my deck,  I chose to explore my limiting beliefs about my business. I have many stories regarding the unfolding of my business.For some time now, I have been telling myself, will my dream of being of service ever come true? for you see, I have a deep desire to help thousands of women globally. It’s something I can taste yet, the results in my business would tell you a very different story. If I let the numbers speak and the cancellations of workshop lead the way, I would not be here having this conversation. I am coming to realize that my business has its own energies and a mind of its own. It wants to be what it wants to be. That ’s it. No matter what an expert may say. Yes there are many things to be mindful of when we are in business for ourselves. As a creative and spiritual being, mainstream ideas are not working for me thus it has been quite a challenging path to say the least. I believe this is a part of my spiritual evolution and I choose to believe there is a very different way to do business: the divine feminine way. I am choosing to trust that the divine is leading the way on this one. My ego doesn’t like it one bit of that I can tell you. My heart though knows there is a different way and it is being unveiled in its own timing.

Creating my very own oracle deck was such a powerful experience for me. I had so much fun today getting lost in the creation process. There is something to be said about creating something with your very own hands and with your heart fully engaged. I loved the combination of painting and exploring limiting beliefs knowing that we have the power and the possibility always available to us to create new powerful stories that serve our greatest good.

I so happen to believe that we are the authors of our lives and the various stories we choose to create amidst our life. We all create stories and we create stories within stories. We can get stuck in some of our stories and some stories simply don’t serve us and many of them are not even true as they are based on some lie we have told ourselves over and over again or that someone else told us and we bought into their lies.

The process was transformational for me. I am feeling hopeful, peaceful, playful. The more I continue to dive into the arts and its abilities to heal, the more I am convinced of its potent process of transformation. The thing is that the process of creating art is empowering and at times can be messy on many levels. Though today the mess was simply on my desk. Art allows me to tap into my voice and to become more familiar with my rich inner wisdom. This is for me a powerful way to reclaim our own power by listening to our own voice and honouring it. I have given away my power so often over the years because I did not trust my own wisdom. That makes me sad. Over and over again, I often chose to honour the voice and wisdom of another over my own wisdom. No more for this girl as I am choosing intentionally to come home to my Self and to listen to the voice of the wise goddess within me that knows the way.

The intentional creativity method is changing my life one morsel at a time! I think I’m in love.

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach