small acts with great love

I believe mother theresa stated somewhere along her journey to do small acts with great love. I have had the opportunity this week to do just that in so many ways. When I awake in the morning, I lay in bed and connect with the womb of divinity in the universe...I ask my infinite self to lead the way in all that I do today ...I connect with my heart center and send love out to the world. this week, I added something new. each morning and throughout my day,  I've been asking God to let me know where I may be of service today. in service to love! I know that I am an ambassador of love as I know each and every one of us here on earth are ambassadors of love.....we are all embodiments of love and meant to share that love with everyone. perhaps, it may mean sending loving, warm ,healing thoughts to someone who is ill, going through a break-up, lost their job or simply having a tough day....we all have had tough days every now and again....

This week I had dedicated the week to begin writing my first book so I wanted to remain really focused on the task at hand....oh God certainly had other plans in mind along the are a few  opportunities to serve others in love showed up for me this week: for one, two people close to me called me earlier this week to share  their break-up with their significant other. this happened on two day period. I saw the call coming in, was going to let it go to voicemail when I felt compelled to answer the calls. I listened with love , sent them virtual hugs while sharing a little of my perspective to help them along their journey.  on wednesday, over dinner my husband was not his usual self...though could it be related to the leaky toilet we had discovered earlier in the day and he was in fix in mode or was there something else.....he shares with me that a good client of his had chosen to leave their firm.  it was not because of the service provided, that was excellent, it was simply a change in direction the client felt he needed to follow.nothing that my husband had done or not done. My spouse took the loss personally as a reflection of his abilities. So In that moment, I chose to hold a sacred space of love for him, to show him how well he had done share with him words of encouragement and reminded him of the abundance available in the universe. Then, the next day, our daughter shared with us she was home sick with a cold that day. I was inspired to make her gluten free chicken noodle soup, her favourite when she has a cold! I put together a little care package and delivered it to her so that she can simply be a perfect vegetable that day while allowing her body to get better. a dose of mom's love in big heaps of home cooking!

all of these were small acts of love.....most did not take a lot of time...I know that in some small way it made a difference in their lives to simply take the time to show love. so i invite you to ask when you wake up or as you navigate your day today, how may I serve the world today injecting heaps of love wherever you go! Know when you share it with no expectation of return, the universe sends it back to you ten times fold! Will you dare to share your love and bask in the love that you will receive?

I always love hearing about your journey,so let me know your stories of how you were led to serve....remember we are all ambassadors of love ! share it ! bask it in! bathe in it! it's your birthright!  send your stories to diane@

I see the love in you!



Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach