Power of Prayer – January 2013 – Diane Merpaw’s Newsletter

Happy New year to my fellow bundles of Love! These past few weeks have been all about going deeper within to explore and discover the depths of wisdom buried within, to release old wounds while inviting more love into my being, and into my experience I call life. In early January, I came across a most fabulous and powerful book that I have come to cherish. It’s called the Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson. the book is filled with many tips, strategies, insights and prayers. At this moment in my journey, I was really drawn to the prayers in the book.   They have helped me to reconnect with a deeper part of me and is strengthening my relationship with the divine. I , for the first time in my life, am praying out loud every day. That is so new, somewhat familiar yet foreign to me. Asking God ( this for me is an energy which is there and is available to everyone no exception …for me…it’s not a long bearded image of someone) who knows me, knows my heart, my desires, my gifts and talents to show me where I may best be of service to the whole. Things are in motion and moving quite quickly. I don’t always understand but I am choosing to TRUST!  I’ve also been asking God to open my heart fully to receiving more love in my life…in opening up to receiving more love, I receive the gifts the universe wishes to bless me with.  They are bountiful and so beautiful.  When we are closed off to love, we stop, we pause the flow of love from pouring into our lives.  Simply be aware…are you open to receiving love in each and every moment of your life? OR are you choosing to closing your heart because you are scared and possibly feel very vulnerable? It’s my belief that it’s what we are being asked to do in this experience we call life: to stay OPEN at all times, no matter what is going on within us and around us! The gifts and the miracles that will come your way, will blow your mind away! I feel inspired to share with you a sample of one of the prayers Marianne shared in her book.  Please note that I have changed it to make it my own. I recommend you do the same! Prayer: dearest God, I surrender to you who I am, what I have, what I do.  May my life and talents be used in whatever way serves you best. I surrender to you my failures and any pain still in my heart. I surrender to you my successes and the hopes that they may contain. I choose to dwell in the experience of love. Love is powerful.Love is tender, peaceful and happiness. Love is available to me each and every moment of every day. May the light of your love shine deep within my heart and radiate through me to bless the world. And so it is!   The love in me salutes the love in you! diane daring you to unleash your G (goddess)  power!  


A newsletter created to inspire and empower you to step into your feminine power with dazzling confidence.


Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach