Out of Box-

hello my beautiful ones


today, I am feeling inspired to share with you how I am somewhat uncomfortable going out of my box...out of my comfort zone. hey, I believe we all have comfort zones. Many of us are creates of habit and do things in the same way , day in and day out. when someone dares us to think differently or to do something differently, we are not always open to the idea. we much prefer to stay with what we know versus what we don't know.

in december, I went to see Nicole Babin, a powerful energy worker, to have session called the Reconnection. The reconnection was created by Dr. Eric Pearl and it 's my primary purpose as I understand it is to reconnect you with your DNA ....or shall I say soul's essence in some way....AT the time of the session which took place over 2 consecutive days, I felt great and very peaceful. however, when I left there I did wonder has anything changed and if so what. I will say though though that I am big believer in energy work and I knew something had changed even though I may not have physically experienced it at that moment in time. Let's roll into January and add to this mixture , praying to God ...to use me, my voice, my gifts and talents to serve the greatest good of all....surrendering my life to the divine mystery so to speak....

since december, I have felt  a really strong urge/desire to sit my little touchy down and start writing my first book. how does one do so , when they have never done this before. where do you start, I asked? then one of my beautiful nieces kindly reminded me, Aunt Di, it all starts with one word...one word....which is so true.....in the midst of all of this I also had an intuitive session with a dear friend/colleague of mine that I so love and admire- Tara Taylor. I wanted some guidance as to next steps in my business as well as my book. WEll, that session totally rocked...it knocked my socks off really....because Spirit revealed thru Tara that the focus of my book is to be on sensuality/sexuality...how it is I came into embracing my divine feminine! I said to her , are you for real....are you sure you are talking to the right girl here....she laughed and gently said yes, dear this is your highest calling in this time. you are being reformatted so to speak at the moment so that you can fully embrace this mission of yours! WHAT! now don't get  me wrong, I like sex..it's fun to talk about sex with my girlfriends and with my special man, but to bare my soul in a book that will touch on this topic....OH SHIT I said, am I truly ready for this.....of course, the EGO loving every moment here and so wanting to take control and almost immediately, fearful and doubtful thoughts started flowing in. Yet, I will say this , my heart knew the truth...what Spirit had shared via Tara...felt so right in so many ways, and if I am truly honest with myself, i've seen clues from the universe along the way ...

so, I did begin to write in early january but came to a full halt and could not write more. it's as if something in me, knew that i was going down the wrong lane to so speak ....some of my writing was coming in from my head rather than my heart. I therefore went to play in my art studio instead to keep the creative juices flowing. trusting that something would come from this as well, just in a different format. I also realized at that moment, that it' s time to listen to the heart more whenI write...and do my best to get out of my  head...this is not always easy for me....though it's much better than it ever use to be, there still room for growth.


roll forward a few weeks, in an intuitive coaching session with Tara, she shares that Spirit is asking me to go see a drag queen show. I said can you repeat that! she laughed....she said go to experience a drag queen show, have conversations with them, there's some great info there for your book...call it research she says. inside me, I am saying are you for real Spirit...am i in the middle of some sort of freak show and someone forgot to send me the memo! Spirit you see is pushing me way outside my comfort zone....this is not a prejudging thing...I know absolutely so very little on the drag queen shows...I know nothing really of this community....my resistance to the idea, is that it is totally new and so not something i have ever thought of doing. then I reflect on my week in Jamaica which was just last week....and there at one of the evening shows, was a drag queen singing a whitney Houston song and I loved the performance...I , at the beginning thought it was a woman , then my husband said no...take a good look...and the he/she started to strip so to speak...take off the wig, ...then the gloves....I loved every moment of that show because he/she was totally in the flow of the feminine essence...i felt that and so loved it. it was so beautiful to witness .....then yesterday, I happen to mention to one of my friends, my most recent Spirit dare that came in MOnday's coaching session.  Guess what? she had just seen a TV show that had interviewed a popular drag queen in Montreal....She tells, me I so would love to see his/her show. we said, well let's plan on going together....so that's where we are now....planning a girlfriend getaway weekend...with a little twist! All of this to say, as much as a lot of these things are pushing me outside my very comfortable comfort zone, I am absolutely having fun exploring and in some way curious about what Spirit will share with me next.

there is no way I could have ever planned this life of mine that is unfolding so beautifully and magically...all because I have chosen to surrender my life to God, the divine mystery and ask to show me where I may best be of service.....

what bold moves have you done to get out of your comfort zone? will you dare do something totally different? you can...you so can....share your stories with me....


the love in me salutes the love in you




Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach