One Love, One Heart

This week’s newsletter is inspired by Bob Marley’s song; One Love, One Heart which I heard for the very first time when I was in Jamaica recently.

I do believe we are all connected and that we are all special and unique.  We are one heart, one love- all a big part of the human family. We are love. You are loved. Wherever you are, love finds you.  It can be felt in the touch of another, it can be heard and felt in music, it may be in the warmth of the sun kissing your face. It may be found in the gentle breeze of the wind or the ocean air. It may be found in the giggles, the laughter and the tears.  You may taste love in the deliciousness of the food you choose to put into your body (your sacred vessel for this earthly plane).  It is everywhere! Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Can you taste it?  Are you aware that love abounds everywhere around you or are you seeking it, awaiting for it to show itself in that one special person rather than choosing to experience it right now?

Will you choose to see where love abides? It is in you, not outside of you!  It is in my view meant to be shared, to be cherished, to be savoured and to be embraced. Thought I often witness with a few of  my clients that they are somewhat reluctant to let love flow freely into their lives because they are afraid, so they put this protective barrier around their hearts with much passion. What if, what if you let this “baggage” go and chose to experience love that is in you and all around you? What if you chose to experience all of its nuances and colours? How would that look like and feel like for you?

Remember, wherever you are, love will find you (inspired by a beautiful children’s book by Nancy Tillman).  Love is you! Love is magical…will you choose to invite her into your life totally and completely so that you may bask in her warm loving embrace?

Let love seep into every crevice of your being. Let love guide your choices. Let love light the way!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach