My wish for you 2011- January 24, 2011 – Newsletter

Happy New Year to fabulous ,talented, gorgeous you! For me, ringing in the New Year is time for inner reflection, a time to let go of things/beliefs that no longer serve me or to let go of the many things I’ve been holding on tightly that my be holding me back. It’s a perfect time to sit, contemplate and look back at the year that just went so that I can take a full inventory of the things I am most grateful for and to fully embrace with love and gratitude the incredible gifts/lessons that were bestowed upon me. All with a view that each of these assist me to move forth in this new year deeper awareness of self as well as a greater appreciation for life’s most precious things/people/places. This newsletter will differ a little from the ones I have created over the past year…I thought to kick off this new year that I would share a prayer that came to me for each of you. May your hearts and minds be open to receive the endless blessings and abundance the Universe is continuously sharing with each and every one of you! From my heart to yours…here are my wishes for you for this New Year: May you walk with your head up high and know that you are worthy of a most incredible life. May you remove, let go of the masks you’ve been wearing and embrace your beautiful authentic self. May you speak your inner truth with love, compassion and grace. May you let go of the fears that are holding you back from claiming the life you were meant to live. May you choose to embrace your light and let it shine brightly for all to see. May you see the bountiful beauty of your soul reflecting back at you when you see your reflection in the mirror. May you listen to the whispers of your heart. Embrace, trust and see yourself take flight! May you know that you are loved more than you will ever know. The love of the divine is always with you and within you. May your heart overflow with love and joy. May you play and laugh until your heart is content May you make meaningful connections to add to the richness of your life May you say yes more often and take risks that will make your heart sing. May you create special moments to be cherished for years to come. May you plant seeds that will nourish your heart all year long. May you take the time this year to fall in love with YOU! For Love is all there is!     Spirit has shared with me that 2011 is a year of self mastery. Are you ready to embrace the journey ahead or are you struggling with some issues that may be holding you back on your journey? If so, I would be happy to help you with my new Own Your Power program…a powerful coaching program designed especially with you in mind. In this dynamic program you will gain clarity, embrace a new found level of awareness, excavate the gems buried deep within so that you can live a purposeful life filled with love, joy and peace.   You are worthy of a beautiful life. Interested? If so, call me today to explore the possibilities.


A newsletter created to inspire and empower you to step into your feminine power with dazzling confidence.


Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach