Invite to Open your heart and receive more love

Happy New Year's to each and everyone! As promised to you in my newsletter, here I am sharing my journey with you on line this coming year. MY wish for each and every one of you is that this year, 2013,  be more amazing than the last! My prayer for each of you is that you will all fall madly deeply in love with your amazing and brilliant selves, while opening your heart fully to receive the love that is ours to embrace!  at the beginning of this new year, I invite you to set your intention for this year...rather than make a huge list of resolutions which many of you will not keep....I invite you to ponder on what is it that you would like to create and/ or experience most in your life this coming year. Keep it simple....As for me, the intention I am choosing for 2013 is:  to open my heart wide open to receive all of the gifts of the universe wishes to send me, to bless me with....I open my heart fully to love, in each and every moment...which means in those moments when I am feeling scared, angry, frustrated or sad , I will choose in that moment, when I remember, to feel the feeling that is coming up for me...and will choose to leave my heart wide open in the midst of vulnerability while I  let love flow freely into my being and pour out into every aspect of my life.  This is not always easy for's easy for me to have an open heart and to share my love of life with the world when all is going well, however, when I am feeling vulnerable, scared, sad, frustrated or angry, I have a tendency to go within , withdraw from the world...close the door so to speak and push away my love ones...... this has been one of my coping pattern for years which has not been serving me nor the greatest and highest good of all.  It has led to the end of some friendships because of my inability to stay open to receiving love when I was feeling so afraid......Also, in these moments,  I also have tendency to want to take flight or simply desire to run as far away and as fast as I can when it hurts my desire is to stop this pattern which is not serving me or the whole.  my intention is to feel it and to be compassionate with myself and love myself admist it all. What intention will you choose to set for the year? the main theme for you...perhaps it's to feel healthier mind, body, spirit;perhaps you desire to attract the most amazing and perfect partner for you; perhaps it is to be of greater service to the world.  please know that whatever you choose, it's perfect for you. the universe will certainly be collaborating each and every step of the way with you to bring you what you set your heart on for this coming year.

One fabulous way to strengthen this for yourself is to use that awesome imagination that we have all been so kindly and abundantly blessed with. Create a visualization that you can start and end your day with. Assert it like you have already receive the gift from the universe. For example, you can say thank you wonderful and abundant universe (god, spirit, divine mystery,....whatever resonates with you)  for blessing me with ......(insert your intention here). I am deeply grateful for all that you continue to share with me.  you may wish to write it out daily in your may wish to say it out often as you feel may wish to write it on post it notes and leave it in places where you will be reminded of your intention....Remember to always state it in the presence tense and in an uplifting , affirmative way!

Until tomorrow, trust and believe in the endless flow of love and miracles. Each of us are meant to receive both with open arm, heart and mind!


Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach