Intuition, the whispers that lead the way

It is my belief that each and every one of us are intuitive. perhaps you have said, I have a gut feeling something is up….perhaps, you’ve said something just doesn’t feel right, perhaps you feel nudge to pick up the phone or write an email to someone you have not seen or spoken to in a while,perhaps it has shown up as a warning…like don’t trust this person or I m not sure this deal is right for me.  Intuition is a strong and powerful voice…it often shows up in fleeing moments. it shows up as a whisper and often when I least expect it sometimes, though it can be a strong feeling that just comes up upon you….Are you listening? are you following the inspiration that just popped into your mind or do you question it because most often it is not logical and your logical mind will try to find a reason to rationalize, to justify…..Yes, that wonderful mind of ours, the EGO which keeps us most often from listening to the whispers of your heart. for me,intuition is the voice of my heart…it is the whisper of the divine mystery always guiding me on my journey. I at times have followed it with ease and loved every moment of it and other times, I ignored it only to pay a price of sorts. many times, we don’t know where our inspired idea will lead us to…it is in these moments that we are to learn to trust that whisper within our being which so knows the way of our hearts.  we are receiving inspiration, intuitive info all of the time. I have yet to get them all as I am often not present or in the moment because I am caught up in the hamster wheel in my mind. When I present, when I am in the moment, fleeing inspiration shows up. the question is will I choose to trust it because sometimes it simply the inspiration simply does not make sense to my logical mind!   Yesterday, I was inspired to start this journal for my spouse. the inspiration came at a moment’s glance yesterday and my first reaction was, really…why? and what am i to do with that? my logical mind could not find the rationale behind it and tried so hard to keep me from doing it. I was inspired to write in the journal every single day…to write a love note, a note of thanks, a poem, a story, an inspirational thought idea …it’s totally wide open to my creative imagination! the intention is to write with him in mind and to share this journal with him either daily or weekly…when I feel inspired to do so. I have yet to know why but my mind so wants to know. I trust the source, which for me is the divine mystery , that it knows where it is leading this little gem of an idea. honestly, I can only see great things unfold as a result of this little inspiration….perhaps it is not so little after all….perhaps it will deepen, strengthen the love we have for one another? is this still possible when you have shared your life with a partner for 30 plus years? I believe it is….I trust there is something bigger than me behind this inspired idea and I am happily taking inspired action steps daily . are you looking for ways to strengthen that bond between you and a loved one? are you looking for  a new way to connect, reconnect with your partner? are you looking at transforming your relationship with  your partner? perhaps, this inspiration may work for you. so why not buy a journal or maybe you have one at home awaiting you to put your little mark on it……set your intention…..let your imagination take you to fun places and see it unfold on the pages before you….maybe you will be inspired to collage some words….a sentence from one of your favourite books or poems, perhaps you will share a funny story or a joke, perhaps you will focus a few moments on the things that your partner has done well today….a note of gratitude, of appreciation goes a long way….if you decide to accept the invite, please email me updates as to your journey with this project…..Please note that perhaps your journal may be for a loved one that is not your significant other….maybe it is a special friend, a sibling or a parent with whom you have a special connection with… your inner your intuition for it knows the way. abundant blessings to you diane


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach