God is calling you!

good morning last night , I went to see Oprah at the Scotiabank in Ottawa. It was such a beautiful evening. firstly, I manifested a ticket to this awesome event filled with several thousand women who look to Oprah as a teacher, mentor and guide. I remember telling God, I would love to see Oprah, however, I don’t want to buy a ticket…so if I am truly meant to be there, then find a way. I then let it go! The beauty of manifesting ….asking, feeling it and then releasing it. trusting all is well and will unfold as it is meant to. As I sat there and listened to Oprah share her various life messages, I am saying to God, nothing new here…..however, thank you from the bottom of my big heart because I so needed to be here tonight to here your messages through Oprah. there were many messages last night that caught my attention. I will only focus on a few today. One is a believing…believing that there is this higher power always at work in the universe. perhaps, you call it God, Goddess, Love, universe , spirit. it simply not important what you call it…it simply a matter of believing that this energy, higher power is always present and available to tap into. I have always believed in some version of God…i say version because as a Catholic, I grew up believing that god is a guy with a long white beard …don’t know where that image came from….however, that image for me has evolved over time as I have evolved. God is omnipresent…is every where..it is this powerful, loving energy that is always there for us to tap into. I have talked to God along the way, and most often when I felt I needed it most…though that changed several years ago with my practice of gratitude. I thank God each and every day for many many things…that has shifted how I see things….I now use this practice in a gratitude love journal with my handsome husband. each and every night we both take time to write a few thoughts about the other that touched us , inspired us, moved us in some way. our relationship is shifting. Believe in God, believe in yourself…we are all here for a purpose ….we have all been called here to be present at this moment in time to experience earth. many get caught up in the proverbial chase of what is my purpose, rather than living purposefully each and every moment of every day. sometimes, some of us here our calling loud and clear…for others, like myself, it’s been a gentle pull , one step at a time,….each step being more delicious and scrumptious from the last. Each different yet weaved beautifully together. often our calling may be found in what I call the mess of my life….for years, I have had what I would say is a disconnected relationship with my sexuality…though i would not have said that years ago. when I say sexuality, I am not saying I question my sexuality as a woman…what I am saying is that I’ve resisted embracing my sexuality as a woman because of my various interpretations, stories and limiting beliefs about how I was to show up as a woman in the world…. Last fall in an intuitive reading, a dear friend , teacher and mentor of mine shared with me that your calling is to teach , to have conversations about sensuality and sexuality. I laughed so hard when I heard it and told her, that she had the wrong woman for the job. She stood her ground….spirit was talking thru her and I so know this because we do the same kind of work….I knew what she was speaking was the truth. My ego self, so wanted nothing to do with it all…not one….i’ve spent the last several months, if not most of my lifetime denying this calling in some way. here I had been praying to God to use me, in service to the whole…here God had answered. I did not like the answer, so like a spoilt child who did not like what she heard, she silenced that voice and continued shopping so to speak…..though the message was not lost and rumbled beneath the surface…..until finally the other day, as I stood there looking into the mirror, I said ok God…I say YES…I accept your invite to dance fully with you and to step into, to embrace my calling. I have no idea what I am here for however I trust it will be a delicious and exciting ride because, when we walk with God by our side, it can’t help but be that!   God is calling you….will you dare answer the call when it shows up or will you choose to ignore it? you get to choose! your life here on earth is your gift from God, what you choose to do with it, is your gift to God. the love in me honours the love in you! diane    


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach