Dress your spirit!

for the last little bit, I have been observing the world at large and how some women are showing up in it.  Based on this little project I gave myself, I realized that many women would seem to just get dressed in the morning, putting what would seem little forethought in the outfit they chose. Now, I know that I am drawing a conclusion here based on my view of the world.  as I am standing in line at the checkout of some store, I am glancing around. Here is what I saw, women wearing baggy clothes..meaning baggy T shirts, often with logo on them or a picture of sorts....stretchy pants and running shoes. Note, these women were of different colour, shapes and sizes.Much of the chosen pieces I observed lack in colour per say...so here we are it's spring and there are many vibrant colours to choose from...and many were wearing shades of browns, blacks, greys. Really.....what about the pink, fuschias, turquoise, green , orange, yellows.....

long ago during a conversation with a friend of mine, she says to me one day, Di have you ever noticed that some women just seem to get up in the morning and just put their clothes on while others get dressed. Um....great observation I said.....I have always chosen to dress up my spirit ....meaning, I get up in the morning, tune into how I am feeling and then choose an outfit. What do I mean by dress your spirit....for one , dress your body size and shape...there are options for all sizes...bigger, fully shaped , curvacious women do have options of choosing clothes that fit them. Simply become aware of your body and embrace where it is at that moment in time.  Spirit for means inject your personality in your choice of clothing and accessories. If you not sure what that may be, buy some fashion magazines and tear out the pictures- the looks that appeal to you. And no, you don't have to pay gazillions of dollars to do so. It means that you must get creative and find your own unique way to create the outfit you love in the magazine. keep a fashion journal to keep you inspired....Inject colour. I so wish I knew who chose the designs and colours for us because some of the choices that show up in the stores suck big time. My pet peeve is that we have many colours in the rainbow, why are we limiting our choices to a few.....adding colour to your wardrobe does make one feel good.

Recently, a niece of mine came to live with us. her wardrobe consisted of black , black and more black with the odd colour piece. She often felt depressed. I took her out shopping and pulled out coloured jeans, coloured tops and dresses. She tried them on and said to me, I love how I feel when I put this colour on. Wow, I didn't know I could feel different by simply choosing to wear different colours. Now some of you may be restricted to a colour theme a work....play with the styles and then inject colour in your evening and weekend wear

Now I can hear some of you saying, well that costs a lot of money. Yes, one can invest lots of money in clothes. However, I am a bargains shopper. what that means, is I always go to the sales rack in the store and browse it first to see if I can find interesting pieces. I have found some great deals, and I mean great deals when you take the time to look. You can add style, colour with accessories, be it a scarf, a belt, jewelry, shoes....there are so many ways to do so....you can find great deals at consignement stores and at stores like value village....you would be amazed at what you can find...simply give yourself permission to explore .

Try new styles on, stretch yourself. Styles do evolve and change. Our spirit is ever evolving. I am a woman and so proud to be. I have come to love my curves, all of them and embrace them,and dressing them. I play with clothing. I choose to show off my curves. I love basking in my feminine essence and look for pieces of clothing that will let me radiate my feminine essence. It's taken a curious spirit to explore what works and what doesn't work for my body shape. I have had some great laughs along the way but all in good fun.  Dress our true spirit!

Rather than just put your clothes on the morning, give some thought as to your spirit and dress her up...for I can guarantee the woman in you so wants to be free to express herself....and one of the ways that we get to do so is in the clothes you choose to wear!

Will you be daring and go out of you comfort zone to try a new style, to add some vibrant colour to your wardrobe? if not now, then when......


Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach