Diane Merpaw

Deep Within Her Self- a poem by me

This poem was inspired by another poem sent to me by a friend. The words in that poem did not land in me but it did inspire me to create this. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and follow the words deep within.

She is surrendering to

the deep call within

Her self

without a fight

the dark is strong in this one

calling her out of Her self

over and over again


she chooses

to pause, to breathe

to drop in

to go deeper within Her

where she is met

by Her own

Holy Presence


Her Holy Essence

stripped naked

beautifully radiant

wearing the scars of many battles of the inner wars of self doubt , self abandonment and lack of self trust

she finally puts down Her weapons of limiting beliefs, harsh words, and self judgements

and pulls the sword of self hatred out of Her aching heart

allowing the power of Love

to nourish Her

to soothe Her

to heal Her

deep within Her self

each breath


letting go

inviting grace

to lead

Her home

deep with Her self

she finds

the treasures she's been seeking

compassion and kindness

Her constant companions

wrapping Her up

warmly, tenderly

inviting Her to unclench

all that has kept Her from Her self

deep within

she finds Her self

she who has been waiting all along



welcoming Her

Home to LOVE

Her honest guide for this

human journey

deep within

she finds Her self

looking through new eyes

beckoning Her to see

to embrace

the infinite miracle of being

that she is

resting here

breathing life in


over and over again

to HER home

deep within HER self.

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach