Dancing in the body

A few weeks ago, I had a privated dance class with a beautiful teacher, Steffi Retzlaff! She teaches a few kinds of dance classes, one called Nia , the other called soul Motion. I approached her with regards to Soul Motion. It s a most amazing dance free of choreography! It has four components, intimate with self, communion with a partner, community and the infinite. WE had talked months before about this kind of dance and it most certainly peaked  my interest...why well, I wanted to dance with the divine in a new way and I have two left feet so to speak, meaning learning steps is not one of my greatest strengths.


I loved the idea of just being in the moment, tuning into my body and following it's natural rhythm while connecting intentionally with spirit. Steffi created a beautiful space which I was invited to enter. I was also asked if I wanted to explore the curiosity of my heart....Um...what a most fabulous question...I dare to step into the sacred space, giving myself over to spirit for the 90 minutes. What a beautiful , intimate experience. one with my body, the music, with spirit, with the space. I moved to the music as I was invited to by my heart....at times, I let my wilder self out and dare to crawl on the floor and be more animalistic. there were not judgements in this space.....simply love and acceptance to be who I was in this moment. what an incredibly delicious opportunity. Bonus, a great 90 minute workout to beautiful , uplifting music.

about an hour into our session, we were focusing , per my request to open up my sacral chakra more...to invite freely into my being the flow of life, creativity, sexual energy etc.....She gently guided me , asked me to say Yes to life! Yes to me.....as much as I tried to say Yes, I could not say it out loud....everything within my being was resisting...though intellectually I so wanted it...why am I resisting? a pattern of late for me....Um....and then, Yup...the tears started flowing....I cried and cried.....Steffi, being her magnificent , beautiful self, held a sacred space by continuing to dance. I let the tears flow....then I screamed out a huge scream...letting out the hurt , the anger, the frustration that was within my being. I wondered if the Janitor on the other side of the door would hear...Im sure he did...and in that moment, I didn't give a shit...really, I needed to let it out.....I chose not to judge it. I chose not to question it. I simply let it flow from my being...releasing the feelings, surrendering to the moment. I then resumed dancing as soon as I was ready and felt so much lighter than when I had started.

when I left there that afternoon, I said to myself ,there is something to this dancing as a way of healing, of surrendering to the divine. I am so grateful for the teaching moment. It inspired me to sign up for group sessions that Steffi has created just for a small group of us. I was grateful to have a quiet afternoon that Friday to just be with my goddess self.

will you dare to explore something new? will you dare to embrace the curiosity of the heart and see where it may lead you?





Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach