Blossom into radiance

I am using my blog to chronicle my journey with the Color of Woman program. It's a diary of sorts. From day to day it will contain various things such as insights, rambles, rants or new morsels of awareness as I continue to walk this path. I hope that in some morself of my journey may be similar to what you may be experiencing in your life.

EAch day as part of my spiritual practice I draw an oracle card from one of the many decks I have on hand. I these days am playing with the Mother Mary oracle deck created by Alana Fairchild and art work by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  The oracle card I drew today Our lady of becoming.  “My beloved child, you are a divine flower preparing to bloom. You belong in the divine garden and you will blossom into radiance. I have declared it and it will be so! You shall thrive and be nourished into life. Your uniqueness and beauty shall not be hidden from the world, obscured by veils of fear and shame. I am the holy hand unveiling your secret light, that it may pour forth the grace that heals the world. This is your destiny, and it will be it. “

This was the introductory paragraph found in the accompanying guide book. It felt so good to read this. I did my best to breathe it all in. I love that the blessed mother is unveiling my secret light so that it may pour forth the grace that heals the world. I have known deep in my body that I am a teacher and a healer. Though I have hugely resisted the title of healer because of all that comes with that so called title. It can be misleading. I though do believe that within each of us we have the ability to heal ourselves. I though do believe I have the ability to lead others in transformation so that they may heal their wounds and tap into the wise deep inner richness that lies within them. The Color of Woman program is a program calling teachers from all over the world into action. I am at the beginning of my journey yet I can already feel many changes taking place. One I can feel it fuelling my fire to be an activist in the world. I so desire to make a difference on the world stage. I have known that all my adult life that there is something I am meant to share with the world. Though this is not yet clear, I choose to believe it has something to do with creativity, the arts and social change. I also know that it has to do with improving the lives of women worldwide. How that will unfold? I don’t know. Only the divine knows at this moment in time. My part in all of this is to say yes to this and to start listening more closely and paying attention to what is calling my name then take action.

Today, I witnessed a woman,that I love and deeply admire Shiloh Sophia McLeod moderate a panel at the UN in NYC. There were incredible women on the panel each holding their piece of the red thread and each contributing and impacting the world in their own unique way. Each of them inspiring us to step forth and do our piece of the work in the world. They were talking about art for social change. Noorjahan Akbar is an Afghan woman who shared bits and morsels about the lives of women in her native country and how difficult it is to be a women in a country that does suppresses the expression of the feminine. In her presentation she shared that the loud laughter of a woman is considered a sin in her country as this can distract a man. What? Something as simple, beautiful and natural as laughter is considered a sin and that there are retribution for the woman who does so. I was stunned and saddened to hear this revelation. I am so blessed to live here in Canada where women’s right are encouraged and celebrated. I have a loud laugh and I have been told it is contagious.I can’t even begin to imagine having to suppress this natural part of me because it is sinful to a man. I pray that someday these women will be able to fully express their authentic selves in way that is uplifting to them and to everyone around them. Noorjahan is the creator of
We can all make a change in the world if we truly desire to. I choose to believe it does not have to be a big project of sorts. It can be small acts of random kindness that you choose to share with the world in your own unique way. on that note, this year I have committed to sending out a love note, a note of appreciation or a small gift each and every week. I call it a love revolution and it’s one of the ways I am choosing to shine my light onto the world. What I love the most is the suprise call or email that says thank you for putting a smile on my face today. I choose to believe that these small acts of random kindness are making a difference in the life of the person who has received it as making a difference on the level of the cosmos. This to me is being in service to love.

It is my sacred responsibility to know my piece of the red thread and to live it fully by showing up and participating in my blossoming in the garden of the divine. The choice is always mine and I like the idea of shining my light a little brighter into the world. I wonder how different our world would be if we all took this sacred responsbility seriously. A brighter more hopeful one?

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach