Diane Merpaw

Are We Sacredness in Motion?

I have heard and read that there are 7 wonders of the world to see. Many articles have been written on the subject inciting us to visit these places that are described as beautiful, magnificent and breathtaking etc. These articles invite us to put them on our dream list to visit them one day, to breathe in their magnificence in person. Yes, they are astounding in various ways. Yet, I have rarely seen an article inviting us to ponder one of the most amazing miracle that is YOU. YOU are a miracle! Yes, feel free to read that again an again and let that sink in deep into your being.

Take a moment to ponder that your body was created by a seed that comprised of a sperm and an egg. This seed is brilliant and has its own intelligence. Within it, it has all that it needs to function and to grow. Slower, over many weeks and months, this seed begins to form a body, face with all of its details, fingers, toes etc. At some point, from this same intelligence, the organs begin to grow and develop. There is nothing Mom can do to force this process to slow down, speed up , nor can she influence when things begin to form. Her role is to carry and feed this beautiful being growing with her tummy. That alone is a miracle , the ability to carry another human life within a human. This intelligence that develops the human body does not leave us when are are born. It is always with us.

Yet, slowly we go to sleep and forget that this intelligence that continues to breathe us, every moment of every single day and the intelligence that continues to beat our hearts eery single day does so without my having to do anything. It just knows what to do. My responsibility is to take care of this sacred vessel that we call body. we humans do not tell our hearts to beat, we don't tell our breath or all organs to do their work. They just do. yes some times there are glitches in the system and we need exterior help to auto correct but for the most part it just knows what its role is and what it needs to do. The only way to explain this is its an ongoing miracle . We are a living, breathing, miracle. Are you curious to know or to explore what this intelligence is , that is within you? Is it possible that we have imbedded within us knowings that we are unaware of because we have been distracted by the outside world of achievement, striving, thriving and human doing. I believe it begins slowly and we get lost in the stories of our minds, the ones we have made up to explain something , the ones that others have told us about ourselves and the world around us. What if there is more to this life experience that we have been led to believe?

When I was four I told my parents that my grandfather died. My mother looked at me and said no he didn't. A few minutes later, the phone rang and a relative on other end began to inform them that my paternal grandfather passed away. Um...was this the intelligence within speaking through me? I am sure that got shut down pretty quickly because situations like this are simply unexplainable to our organized mind. As a little girl, I was led to believe that God was an old white bearded man who lived in the sky. I believed this story well into my adulthood. I was told what He found acceptable , not acceptable, thus judged by a set of rules created by a group of men who desired to rule masses of people by feeding them knowledge they believe would be helpful. I remember when I was in grade 3, and the teacher invited me to go to confession (yes I was born a catholic , not by choice I may say) I began to question this ritual deep within myself. I had sensed that this did not feel right yet if you don't follow the rules, one gets judged, punished etc. As a good girl, I chose to tow the line but something within me was stirring. I though fell back asleep under the spell of patriarchy. Its a mighty strong spell and weaving oneself out of its web takes a lot of courage and bravery because you are going against the masses who are convinced of a different truth than yours. Catholic religion is filled with so many rules and judgements . To top it all off it is lead by men in robes. Men who have convinced themselves in some way that they know best for everyone. Men who talk about marriage yet have never been married. Men who have been asked to forgo their sexual needs and desires because they have bought into a story of sorts. Sexual needs and desires are a part of every human being and is a gift from Source. This gift is to be used responsibly and with consent. It is about seeing every one in the human family as a Beloved. I grew up thinking God was a judger and a sentencer of so many things. It is commonly known that the church is guilty of suppressing women and their voices. Catholic religion is not an all inclusive club. It is rather an exclusive club. And I for a minute to not believe that my friend Jesus would have invited us to live like this. The Jesus that I have come to know and befriend is one that is all inclusive . He is a feminist. He first apostle was Mary Magdalene. yet this truth has been hidden from mainstream knowledge. Why?

So here I am in my 50's and realizing that God/Goddess/Source is within me. This source in the intelligence within me. It has never been outside of me. Never has been. Though undoing, unclenching, unravelling all of the lies we have been told, takes a lot of courage and bravery. Knowing that this intelligence resides within me, means that I need to pause frequently, to listen , to ask it for guidance and then trust what information it has shared. In this day and age, this is even more difficult as we have so many gadgets to distract us. the more we go along, the deeper we fall into a slumber that some unfortunately many never wake up from. I am learning to pause daily, to chat with this intelligence that is within me and to listen listen deeply. I am learning a new language. It does not speak to me in the same way that I have been used to for so long. so there are a few bumps here and there but I will say I am much happier within because I am learning to go within more and more. I would also like to share that LOVE , LOVE is my guiding light. Love leads the way. Love is the religion of my choice.

coming back to the body for a moment. this body that I have the honour to live in is a sacred vessel. I am invited to nourish , love and nurture it as best as I can. My sacred vessel does not have to meet the endless changing criteria of the beauty industry that is obviously flawed to make us feel like there is always something wrong with our appearance, so buy this, do this, etc. It is a seductive industry and its spell is potent. It takes courage to see it for what it is and to walk away from it. we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages and products leading us to believe this or the if we bought this product, took this diet supplement or wore this outfit or had this diamond ring to be more beautiful or to tell you that if he really loved you he would buy you this really expensive ring . Let me just say this, it's all bullshit to sell you their stuff. Plain and simple. They know the weakness of humans and they play it against you but they convince you in some fashion that it's really for you. None of it has to do with honouring your sacred vessel or honouring love for what it truly is.

unearthing our sacredness is up to each and everyone one of us. Your unravelling and unclenching will most likely look different than mine, though it is equally important. For a moment let's imagine a garden full of flowers. There are sunflower, Lillies, daisies, roses, and tulips. The sunflower honours and trust her innate intelligence and does not try to become a rose or a tulip. The same goes for other flowers. So what if you started listening and trusting your own innate intelligence, what would be different for you? What would our world be like if we all did the same rather than trying to duplicate someone else's path to living or success? We are not brokenness in motion, we are sacredness in motion, even when the messy parts show up, and they will. Courageously, tend to it with love and deep compassion as you commit to unearthing your innate sacredness.

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach