Are you happy with your body?

Our bodies are our sacred vessels that we have been blessed with in this lifetime. Many of us have had some challenges graciously accepting our bodies because we feel on some level that it needs to look a certain way or be a certain size. We are constantly bombarded by messages about beauty, and how we should look in this world. For example, at the checkouts at your local superstore, there are usually loads of magazine. Have you ever seen a woman on the cover that is not slim and/or curvaceous? rather unlikely....for years, I did not like my body. when I looked in the mirror, all I saw were the things I did not like about myself, like my scars, my stretch marks, my round tummy etc. I was overweight at the time by approx 3o lbs. I simply chose to eat for the fact of eating. Many things did not agree with me and I ate them anyways, choosing to ignore what my body was telling me ...I don't like this food cant you tell.

My handsome man whom I married 30 years ago would tell me daily that I was beautiful . You know what the sad part is , I didn't believe him. A part of me so wanted to yet I felt he was just saying that to me because he was married to me. I would often tell him you say that because you are married to if you chose to marry someone you thought was ugly etc....I would often say to him, I m the average girl next door...nothing special there. he so disagreed. I couldn't believe know why because deep down inside if I had chosen to believe it, I was afraid someone would hurt me because long ago when I was a little girl a man that I loved and trusted told me I was beautiful and dared to hurt me in a way no little girl should be hurt! I associated being beautiful as being a bad thing. I played down my beauty. I also focused on the outer beauty rather than inner beauty. I was conditioned in some way to do so.

Why are we as women afraid to love and accept our bodies as they are? It is a gift that we were given and here most days many of us choose to trash it for some reason or other. Why do we choose to buy into the messages created by the media? I understand that it's hard no to because we are literally bombarded daily with messages about how are bodies are suppose to look like. Real women do have tummies, scars, strecth marks etc.  Real woman have real bodies....they come in all kinds of shapes , sizes and colours!  Stop buying into the media version of what you are suppose to look like. Tell them to take a freaking hike to no where! Love your's yours...spend time to get to know it really well...cherish it...nourish it...give it good, exercise etc....give it the way real beauty is an inside job! When we truly love and embrace who we are at our core...that shines through naturally !

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach