Are You A Hummingbird?

This morning a client invited me to watch a video with Elizabeth Gilbert where she talks about the Flight of the Hummingbird - The Curiosity Driven Life. It was so what I needed to watch.  It’s an insightful video with powerful messages that will invite you to ponder on how you see and play with passion. I am always grateful for the guidance of the divine when it shows up in these special ways. It is deliciously serendipitous moment for me and hopefully for you too. 

In this video, Elizabeth shares her journey with passion and how it may differ with others. She gives us permission to release ourselves from the pressures of finding a passion and a purpose. Instead of being a jackhammer always drilling your way into your passion what if you were a hummingbird that goes from tree to tree, flower to flower cross pollinating the world? Um…this spoke a deep truth in my heart. What I know is that I have a passion for life itself yet i’ve not been able to find that one true passion that many so called gurus in our culture tell us we have to find. It felt so liberating to hear her say…be the hummingbird.  I know that I didn’t need her permission to follow the flight of the hummingbird but it feels good to assert for myself that I can do life on my terms and that I don’t need to follow anyone else’s path.

Our paths are unique to us. For a long time, I tried to convince myself in a myriad of ways to do things like everyone else when deep within me I knew that I needed to do things differently. When I followed the so called known /popular path, I was utterly miserable within and felt disconnected from my true essence. Along the way, I lost my voice. I am grateful for a few precious friends whom I deeply love and admire who would invite me to embrace all of me. I am deeply grateful for divine guidance which has always led me to the right places and people.

Curiosity is a dear friend of mine. She’s been with me my whole life. She is fun, she is often spontaneous. She gives and gives. She is flexible and demands nothing from me other than being in the moment and present in my life. She invites me to discover new things about me and the world around me. At times, I may not fully have enjoyed what I was experiencing but there was always a gift in the exploration. The gift of honouring me and my thirst for gathering fruits from various trees and flowers so that I may enrich the tapestry of my own life which is always changing and unfolding. I have discovered that there is great depth of beauty and richness in my friend curiosity and along the way I have discovered new passions, new friends and let go of limiting beliefs and stories that held me back along the way to feel fully alive.

Are you a jackhammer that has always known her passion and drills down feverishly or are you a hummingbird that loves exploring and picking up the nectar along the way? Your heart knows. It always knows. Choose to honour what feels most right to you and know that anywhere along the way, you can choose differently.

In closing, no matter if you are a jackhammer or a hummingbird, I invite you to befriend curiosity on a daily basis for there is great joys awaiting to be unearthed, reclaimed and celebrated. Dare to honour your wild brave heart in all that you do.


here’s a link to that amazing video:

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach