An evening at The House of Wellness

We had an awesome evening last night chatting about divine guidance at the Soul Circle Cafe that I hosted at The House of Wellness located in Barrhaven. Thank you to Kathy and Denis St-Jean for sharing their space with us. We are truly very grateful. Thirteen magnificient beings showed up to learn more about how to tap into, recognize the divine guidance that they are receiving! Many shared from their personal experiences which enriched the sharing of the group.

Spirit is constantly trying to communicate with us. Are you listening? are you picking up on the subtle clues? All of these can assist you in making your life more enriching. For we are never alone on this journey. We all have a team of divine beings ready and willing to assist us. Are you ready to let them in to help you? They will only step in whenever you ask for their help...Do you keep hearing the same song over and over again? if so, print the lyrics from the internet and see what words within the song resonate with you...does it by chance guide you to the next step to take? is it an answer to prayer you've been asking recently? it is an answer of's our job to figure out how it applies to our life...that is where the fun a detective, trying to sort out all of the the Inspector Clouseau of your life!  have fun...enjoy the journey!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach