Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high, there is a dream that I dreamed off once in a lullaby.  This morning I begin a new journey...a long held dream of mine. Today, I choose to let my inner goddess lead the way for you see, today, I begin the journey of writing my first book. I will go into the depths of my being and let the wisdom spill itself onto the pages.  for you see,  I've been told for years by many intuitives that I had a book/a story within me to share. I questioned this insight for years. Who me - an author? are you for real? you must be talking about someone else. I let it simmer for years. last year the idea came coming to the forefront a lot would come to me in moments of inspiration....I would acknowledge it and then  put it on  a shelf. How does one start writing a book? As one of my beautiful nieces shared with me one day, Aunt di, it all starts with just one word.  One word....One page at a time, One day at a time. I finally knew that I could do this. I though continued to sit with it...played with different ideas/concepts....What would I share with the world that would make a difference? What would help raise the vibration of love in our world?What can I write that will help my clients with their journey of self-discovery?

My journey over the last several years has been to embody the feminine energy and to step more and more into that feminine power which lies within all of us. This to me is the Goddess Power that lies within us, in women as well as men. In a partriartical world dare we step into our feminine essence and trust it can change the world in its own unique way. Though it may not be easy it certainly is a way that is more powerful, more loving, more compassionate. I don't know about you but I am of patriarchy leading the way....this is not about feminism for me...this is about tapping into the love, the compassion , the tenderness within each of us to change our world.  We each have a responsibility to bring more love into the world. Rather than hatred and getting even, why not look for how to change the situation with love and compassion. Rather than acquiring more materials goods while the elusion of happiness still lures, why not embody the happiness that is well within your being...material success though it is beautiful on some levels, it is not the key to deep rooted happiness and love. Start by creating special moments and cherish them. rather than fill your schedules with endless activities which in some ways gives illusionary idea of purpose, why not have a few spare hours to simply linger, to read or to play/bask in the company of loved ones...friends or choose to give back to your community. Rather than competition why not consider how we may help another succeed. by helping them, you help yourself and your raise the vibration of love....Thus the power of the goddess energy.....

Coming back to the book idea, last week, in the midst of a personal boo hoo moment, I felt pushed by Spirit to move forth this week in a much bigger way. I was guided to take the week off...not see clients and to focus my days and evenings on writing. well where do I start? who will take care of the household responsibility? The ego in high speed gear questioned Spirit's moment of inspiration. It continue with such thoughts as:  you are needed; what about your clients?  what about paying the next month rent? who will take care of planning and cooking dinners? Man , it went on for a while...fascinating , I chose to become the observer in the moment of these endless thoughts which I so knew did not serve me.....

As I breathe through it all, I just knew I had to do it and I trust.   I TRUST the guidance or shall I say more specifically the push from Spirit. It is this inner knowing that I am to do this now. With nervousness as well excitement, I happily step into my creative center and look forward to seeing what will unfold this week.  this morning as I went thru my emails I received a note from a beautiful client of mine who sent me words of encouragement for this week. it truly touched me that she would take the time to drop me a of all, she ended by encouraging me to celebrate my accomplishments, whatever they are, by weeks end! I had totally forgotten this little gem of an idea. It's so important for us to celebrate along the way. So beloved one, thank you for your words.

as I beging to embark on this chapter in my life, I imagine that I am writing connected to the goddeess energy and that I am nestled into this most beautiful sacred space...a desk before a beautiful big window.....a huge bouquet of flowers on the desk , a candle lit (a reminder of the fire of passion that is within us and a reminder of our connection to the divine mystery-the goddess within us all), a most spectacular view of the trees that are nestled by the creek...the beautiful bright blue sky, the sun shining....and a delicious cup of hot tea....all of these nourishing my heart .

today, I leave with this powerful quote a friend of mine shared with me last week....she said it reminded her of me and the journey I was embarking on at this moment in time....My wish is that it inspires you on your journey of self-discovery as well: " The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to share it. " Pablo Picasso!

Blessings of love,


Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach