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Are you happy with your body?

Our bodies are our sacred vessels that we have been blessed with in this lifetime. Many of us have had some challenges graciously accepting our bodies because we feel on some level that it needs to look a certain way or be a certain size. We are constantly bombarded by messages about beauty, and how we should look in this world. For example, at the checkouts at your local superstore, there are usually loads of magazine. Have you ever seen a woman on the cover that is not slim and/or curvaceous? rather unlikely….for years, I did not like my body.
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My body, mine to love

continuing my story that I started on monday, when I chose to go within and discover what was lying underneath this memory, I discovered that there were some unresolved feelings and emotions. I , in that moment, when I opened that box, felt incredibly small and inadequate. The man whom I deeply loved , admired and trusted , just broke that trust in that moment……he was one of my safe places to fall in this world, how dare he do this to me? as a little girl, I looked up to this man I called Dad. In that moment, all
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