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Dress your spirit!

for the last little bit, I have been observing the world at large and how some women are showing up in it.  Based on this little project I gave myself, I realized that many women would seem to just get dressed in the morning, putting what would seem little forethought in the outfit they chose. Now, I know that I am drawing a conclusion here based on my view of the world.  as I am standing in line at the checkout of some store, I am glancing around. Here is what I saw, women wearing baggy clothes..meaning baggy T shirts,
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The way of the Goddess

what is the way of the goddess, I often ask myself? what does it mean to be a goddess? does that term still mean something to me? if so, then what?  thus, began my journey with exploring what goddess means to me and honestly, I believe the definition is not concrete per say ….it’s always evolving…changes as I believe it should. it is my belief that we, as souls, are here to grow and evolve spiritually. I would therefore put Goddess in that same basket so to speak. always growing and evolving. I am a goddess. Goddess for me is
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