The way of the Goddess

what is the way of the goddess, I often ask myself? what does it mean to be a goddess? does that term still mean something to me? if so, then what?  thus, began my journey with exploring what goddess means to me and honestly, I believe the definition is not concrete per say ….it’s always evolving…changes as I believe it should. it is my belief that we, as souls, are here to grow and evolve spiritually. I would therefore put Goddess in that same basket so to speak. always growing and evolving. I am a goddess. Goddess for me is not so much a persona or something concrete to bite my teeth into. for me it’s an energy…that is available to everyone, men as well as women. it is a feminine energy for me. A goddess embodies the following qualities: tenderness, strength, courage, loving, sensual, creative, sexual, assertive etc…I will refer to goddess here in the feminine as a she but please note that if you are a man reading this, please consider that the reference to she is the energy I am referring to and not a person. .She defines herself according to herself and not what the world is seeking from her. She is comfortable in her own skin…she is grounded in her being. she leads her life from her heart….follows her intuition/her gut rather than following the intellect . this is not to say that one does not do it’s research , find facts etc…that is important to do so in many cases. what I am saying is that in addition to facts, tune into your heart to see what feels right for you…just because everything makes sense, it does not mean you should see it thru if something just does not feel a 100%. Leading from her heart, means that she chooses from a place of love rather than fear for she knows fear holds you captive in victim mode. I am discovering her more and more, and yet I feel I know so little…I choose to let my curiosity lead the way and I look forward to where she may lead. . I have chosen to dedicate my life to discovering, exploring, embracing and embody her for the partriartical way I was following was no longer resonating with me.   the love in me salutes the love in you diane your goddess coach  


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach