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Dare you embrace your sexual diva?

Sexuality is a topic often see as provocative and many times as taboo. Why is that? ¬†We are often bombarded with messages in the media about sex….commercials created with scantily clad women in the hopes this will seduce a potential buyer into buying their product. Does it work, my guess is yes. however, what message are we really sending out there in the world? Have any of you stopped to really think about it? it’s not simply about selling alchohol or something other fancy toy, in some way, we objectify women.. furthermore, often, many women feel uncomfortable with their bodies
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My body, mine to love

continuing my story that I started on monday, when I chose to go within and discover what was lying underneath this memory, I discovered that there were some unresolved feelings and emotions. I , in that moment, when I opened that box, felt incredibly small and inadequate. The man whom I deeply loved , admired and trusted , just broke that trust in that moment……he was one of my safe places to fall in this world, how dare he do this to me? as a little girl, I looked up to this man I called Dad. In that moment, all
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Gifts lie in the discovery…self-discovery that is!

good Monday morning to you as I sit here, I am getting ready to head into my art studio for a little play time…I am feeling called to be there this morning as I continue to release emotional stuff which is no longer serving me. last week, a flashback to a family story came to my mind’s eye…..i know the story well, I’ve told it a few times. yet , it struck me differently this time. because it did, it got my attention. the message I felt around this was, time to really look within to see what’s beneath the
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