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Conscious & Passionate kissing – Secret # 1 to Succulent living

Beautiful One, I am so excited to share with you my first secret to living a turned on life ~ conscious and passionate KISSING!  I love, love, love kissing and I am a big proponent of encouraging couples to consciously and passionately kiss each other every single day. Repeat as often as you wish! It truly helps to keep your love tank full and revving on high! In my experience, I have heard many people - men and women share that they rarely kiss their partners. Most of them are in a long term relationship. This baffles me and saddens me deeply for when one chooses to disconnect in this way, I believe this slowly begins to erode the relationship and can make one feel like they are living with a roommate rather than with a passionate and engaged partner. Life is meant to be pleasurable and joyful. To keep things hot, sizzling and spicy, each partner must consciously choose to continuously invest in their relationship. At times,  one of you may need to lead for a little while until balance is restored within the relationship. 
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