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feel it…acknowledge it…release it

hello beautiful ones… it has been a while since we have last touched base in this way. I am truly sorry …It’s been a whirlwind of activities. well , here I am. My journey is all about teaching others to embrace their authentic selves…helping them to tap into their inner goddesses so to speak. some of you may wonder what does that truly mean? honestly, the real answer is you get to define what goddess means for you whether you are a woman or a man, there is a feminine energy that is always within you and available to tap
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Gifts lie in the discovery…self-discovery that is!

good Monday morning to you as I sit here, I am getting ready to head into my art studio for a little play time…I am feeling called to be there this morning as I continue to release emotional stuff which is no longer serving me. last week, a flashback to a family story came to my mind’s eye…..i know the story well, I’ve told it a few times. yet , it struck me differently this time. because it did, it got my attention. the message I felt around this was, time to really look within to see what’s beneath the
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Are you following your inner guidance ?

It is my belief that we all have ┬ápersonal GPS built within us. the question is do you listen to it? to you trust it? will you take action when inspired? Yes, it is totally possible to miss the inspiration because we are to busy with our hectic schedules getting from point a to b…for what I am not totally sure but many make it a priority to fill, overfill their schedules with stuff….lots and lots of stuff……so if your life, your mind is filled with lots of stuff, lots of noise, how do you believe you will be able
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