feel it…acknowledge it…release it

hello beautiful ones… it has been a while since we have last touched base in this way. I am truly sorry …It’s been a whirlwind of activities. well , here I am. My journey is all about teaching others to embrace their authentic selves…helping them to tap into their inner goddesses so to speak. some of you may wonder what does that truly mean? honestly, the real answer is you get to define what goddess means for you whether you are a woman or a man, there is a feminine energy that is always within you and available to tap into whenever you are ready. on journey to embracing our authentic selves is filled with so many awesome things and some times, we may get side swiped by a wave of emotions. When the wave of emotions show up in your life, do you have a tendency to push it down? push it away? tell it to go away because you just don’t have the time to deal with it or simply don’t want to deal with it?  I can so understand, and I use to do the same thing. for you see, as a young girl , I was conditioned on many occasions by others who told me…suck it up! that’s part of life so be it! you can t be sad! you don’t have time to be angry…do what you got to do! does any of this sound familiar….   well this morning as I sat there to begin a new journey of art journalling (blending in paints, crayons, markers, collaging and words)…I was suddenly filled with deep sadness and frustration. My first instinct was to push it down because that is what I have been conditoned to do along the way. I sat there for several minutes doing my best to work through the painting so to speak. it was just not working because the energy of these emotions were so strong and so needed to be acknowledge and heard. so, I humbly put away my painting supplies because I felt like my journal …my writing journal was the place for me to express what was going on within me….. I made my way to my office, sat down with my journal….took a few deep breaths and said ok…let’s have it…what is it that I am feeling? I just let the feelings spew out on paper. whatever came , I just wrote it down. one, disdain, disgust, sadness etc…..some of them surprised me. I however did not judge them. I welcome them. thanked them for sharing. then I chose to engage with them…what is disgusting you?  in my process, what I realized is that a big part of me, did not want to embrace my shadow side. it’s easy for us to embrace our gifts..the good stuff so to speak but to own, acknoweldge our shadow side can at times be difficult. today I chose to embrace her and tell her that I love her no matter how she chooses to show up today in the world.I am a gift to this world…so embrace the whole package, not a just a part. befriend your emotions….they will lead the way to a more authentic you. namaste diane your goddess coach    


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach