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Believe in the Magic in your Heart!

A week or so ago, my Divine team (spirit)  dared me to play. The invite was to begin each day with play time rather than make my way to the computer and get on with my work day. Will I dare to accept the assignment? The reason, to help me get out of my head and to let my heart lead the way in all matters including my business. No easy task in a world, that strives on performance, goals and results. Spirit is attempting to teach me fully step into my feminine power when engaging in my business. I am being inspired to move away from go, achieve and do. Though these are really important and at time essential, what is missing in our world today is a balanced approach where we invite more of the feminine qualities into our lives: intuition, creativity, collaboration, Spirit,  love etc.  We are being invited to lead our lives from our heart centres and not our heads! No small task in this crazy and fast moving world of ours!
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